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Jane Towers FMAAT runs her own accountancy practice, NJT Business Solutions, and has been an AAT member for more than 17 years. She explains why she decided to stand for Council last year, and the perks of being where the action is

Jane Towers FMAAT runs a business consultancy that specialises in part-time financial controller provision and accountancy services for small and medium enterprises for a day job. But she is also an elected member of AAT Council. How does she find time for both?

‘You’re as involved as you make yourself,’ she says. ‘You can attend the required meetings, contribute and leave it there, but if you want to, there is scope to really get involved.’

Why I joined AAT’s Council

Jane decided to join Council last year. Having thought about it for a few years, she decided that she wanted to be part of shaping where AAT was going, get more involved and help influence the decision-making process.

‘As a long-standing member I’ve seen many changes in the organisation and felt I wanted to find out more about how they occurred,’ she reveals. ‘Joining Council has allowed me to get an insight into the greater strategy of AAT and properly understand where the qualification is heading, how the organisation is keeping up with global development, and help shape its long-term aims.’

Helping to run a large organisation

She stresses the thrilling aspect of being involved in the running of such a large organisation. ‘I come from a small company background and it has been incredibly helpful to see and understand the formalities of a larger organisation,’ she adds.

But there is more to it. ‘The benefits are not only the insight into the organisation,’ she adds. ‘You are also approached by fellow members and students who seek your advice and want to share their thoughts with you, which is very rewarding. You can attend mastercourses, awards ceremonies and conferences, and speak in front of many people, something that I have found both challenging and rewarding.’

How to stand for AAT’s Council

Fancy joining Jane and standing for AAT’s Council this year? To find out more information, or download a nomination form, visit the AAT website. To be eligible you will need to be a member (MAAT/FMAAT) of AAT and will need the support of four other members (also MAAT/FMAAT).

If you have any further questions please email Karen Marshall, the Company Secretary. Deadline for applications is 7 March.

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