Five lucky charms (you won’t need with the right preparation)

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This week we sent AAT Level 2 students a pair of lucky socks.

The campaign, promoting AAT’s award winning study support, drew an enthusiastic response on social media. It seems, even in this age of enlightenment, there’s still a place for luck and superstition in our day-to-day lives.

On the face of it, you’d be right to ask – why are AAT sending lucky socks to students? Do we really believe in the supernatural qualities of these delightful green socks? Are the socks a product of magic – an ancient, mystical and unknown power AAT has tapped in to?

That would be telling. While we’re confident the socks will provide that extra sprinkling of good fortune come assessment day, we wanted to highlight the true secret to assessment success.

Lucky charms are all well and good, but really there’s no substitute for preparation. Yes, we know you’ve heard that one before, be it your tutors or parents, but it’s a fact worth repeating – with preparation and sound planning you can go into any assessment feeling confident.

Well, AAT are two steps ahead. Not only do you have our lucky socks on your side but we’ve also developed a host of interactive and engaging study support resources to get you feeling extra confident come assessment day. Whether it’s building up your knowledge with e-learning, testing your understanding with Green Light tests or practicing for the real thing with sample assessments, there’s something for each stage of your preparation.

Make the most of these resources and when assessment day comes you’ll be feeling more than ready. Slip into your lucky socks and it’s fair to say you’ll be nigh on unstoppable.

And in case the power of AAT’s lucky socks isn’t quite enough for you, here’s some other interesting superstitions or charms you might want to try.


A cousin of the sock and rival in the lucky charm stakes, we weren’t quite brave enough to send our students underwear. Maybe you already have a pair, as apparently one in three students wear lucky exam underwear.


Have you got a pen you’ve loyally held on to since your GCSE exams? It’s one of those things you can’t quite explain, but every time you start scribbling away with it – something just feels right?


You’re on your way to college and a song comes on the radio which you then have going through your head the whole way through the exam. Or maybe it just got you in the mood.  Whatever it is, when it turns out you’ve aced the exam, you’ll have no choice but to listen to THAT song every time. Here are some songs that will get you pumped.


Food plays a big part in any pre-exam ritual but perhaps you’ve stumbled on a particular cereal combination, sandwich or snack that really gets your exam juices going? Nothing quite beats the Liquid Luck found in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince though.


Whether it’s a hand me down family relic or shop bought ready-made ‘charm’, jewellery has long been felt to possess lucky qualities.

If you’ve got an assessment coming up, don’t leave it to luck – make sure you access AAT’s award winning study support. You can tweet your #luckysock pictures to @YourAAT


Huw Moxon is Digital Marketing Manager for Informi.

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