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The annual membership survey, which began in 2010, helps us here at AAT to define our business objectives and goals. The survey allows us to understand members’ needs and expectations. We use the results to ensure levels of satisfaction are being met and surpassed at all levels, and that AAT membership is contributing to real achievement and progress in members’ careers.

Of more than 3,700 members who responded to the survey:

  • Three quarters of F/MAATs and two thirds of students and affiliates are in full time employment
  • 35% of students and affiliates are earning more than £20k per annum
  • 82% say student membership fees are good value for money
  • 80% say the same about admission fees
  • 96% are very or quite likely to recommend AAT to another

Value for money and value for life – AAT members are using their study to achieve their ambitions, secure employment and are increasingly gaining higher salaries.

Value for money

Satisfaction levels in the perception of AAT’s value for money are at the highest they have been for four years, with 82% positive responses on student membership fees, and 80% positive responses to admission fees. As a result, an incredible 96% would recommend AAT study to someone else.





There is a strong sense amongst members that AAT will help them gain suitable employment. ‘To have a career in accountancy’ was found to be by far the main motivator for studying AAT, with a six per cent increase on last year’s responses.

Additionally, unemployment amongst members has decreased across the board, with rates decreasing by four per cent amongst students and affiliates, and by one per cent amongst MAATs and FMAATs.

Salary standards

Responses also show that AAT members are securing healthy salary packages. An increased percentage of members at all stages are in the higher earnings’ brackets: 35% of students and affiliates are earning £20k or more –  a four per cent increase on 2013’s findings, and 38% of MAATs and FMAATs are earning £30k or more – a one per cent increase on last year.

Many of the increases and positive responses we see here, and throughout the survey, are the latest in a yearly pattern of increase in positivity amongst AAT members, or are a return to positive results after a dip. For example, there has been a turnaround in the number of members employed in the public sector – the proportion of people working suffered a fall year on year as the effects of the recession reverberated across the country. Now, there are signs things are back on track, with a two per cent increase in public sector employment in 2014.

 If you enjoyed this, you may also enjoy having a read of the 2013 salary survey. If you have a question about AAT membership why not tweet us at @YourAAT and we’ll be on hand to help.




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