Doctor Who's 50th anniversary in numbers

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This weekend sees the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, an event which will be marked by a special episode on BBC1 tomorrow night. AAT Comment celebrates the timelord in a suitably numerical fashion

It may be 50 years old, but Doctor Who continues to divide opinion like never before.

Only this week the show’s producer and director, Steven Moffat, called the BBC’s decision to axe the show 24 years ago an act of ‘outright stupidity and unforgivable blindness’. But then he would say that – he is the self-proclaimed ‘original angry Doctor Who fan’.

So, what can we expect this weekend for the show’s 50th anniversary episode? As usual, Moffat is tight-lipped, but guest appearances from previous Doctors seems guaranteed.

Here, we celebrate the last 50 years the only way we know how: in numbers.


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