6 weird money superstitions you haven’t heard of

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Accountants and bookkeepers are well known for being of a more logical tendency. 

Despite that, I know a few who enjoy a good money superstition and would definitely ‘find a penny, pick it up, all day long you’ll have good luck’ or  would toss a coin in a fountain.

As St Patrick’s day is upon us, a holiday well known for themes of luck and money, I thought I’d dig out some of the more bizarre superstitions from around the world. For those of you who like to indulge their less rational side, here are six weird money superstitions you haven’t heard of:

1. If you damage a fairy fort, you’ll be financially ruined: Ireland

Lets start with one of the weirdest money superstitions I’ve heard, from Ireland no less. The Irish believe that fairy forts (aka ‘raths’) should not be messed with. These mounds of earth or ancient stone dwellings are steeped in folklore and anyone who disturbs them can expect incredibly bad luck, especially with money, even to this day.

Take Sean Quinn, one of Ireland’s wealthiest men who 20 years after relocating a 4000 year old fairy fort to make way for his new business venture, went bankrupt.

2. A bird pooing on your house will make you rich: Russia

It’s usually pretty annoying if a bird poos on your property, but in Russia they celebrate it. Why? Because they believe it’s incredibly good fortune and will make you very rich. The more birds that poo on your home, the richer you will become!

3. Don’t put your purse or wallet on the floor: China

The Chinese say that leaving your purse or wallet on the floor is terrible luck for your money and wealth, and is indicative of not managing your money very well. You can remember to avoid doing this with the rhyme: ‘a purse on the floor is money out the door’.

4. Put money in the pocket of new clothes: England

The British are well known for our superstitions, but I hadn’t heard of this one. Apparently, if you buy new clothes, you should put a coins in the right hand side pocket for good luck and fortune. It’s also good fortune to wear new clothes on Easter Sunday!

5. Fold a money frog: China

In China the three legged frog is a symbol of good luck and wealth, and people fold origami frogs out of paper money to place around their homes and in their purses for prosperity. It’s important to ensure your frog isn’t placed on the floor, and is always looking towards the door to gulp in ‘money chi’. Better yet, pop it in your money corner – the most prosperous part of your home according to feng shui.

If you want to give frog origami a go, here’s a handy tutorial.

6. Hammer a coin into a wishing tree: Britain

Have you ever come across a gnarled up tree dotted with coins whilst walking in woods in Britain? If you have, you’ve come across a wishing tree, and it’s good luck to hammer a coin into the bark using a stone if you pass one.

These trees have been dated back to the 1700s – but don’t pull a coin out of them, because superstition has it that you’ll get ill, or a lot of bad luck!

What money superstitions have you come across? We’d love to hear them in the comments.

Jen Smith coaches entrepreneurs in social media.

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