Five-minute refresher quiz No 2

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We have a new five-minute refresher quiz for you below with which to test your wits.

This time we’re looking at the preparation of accounts and accounting systems and controls.

Scorecard – previous quiz

In our previous refresher quiz, we asked about fixed costs and decision and control. The scorecard was mixed!

Three-quarters got the question about fixed costs wrong, with the most popular answer being that wages are fixed.

  • If you want to do better next time, you can brush up on your understanding of fixed, variable and semi-variable costs in this article.

The cost index questions were a mixed bag, with three quarters getting the first part wrong, and the same getting the last part correct.

  • More information on cost indexes can be found in this article.

Now let’s see how you do with this week’s quiz…

David Nunn is Content Manager at AAT.

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