The amazing industries you could work in as a bookkeeper

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One of the joys of working in the bookkeeping profession is the huge variety of businesses you could work with.

We asked six bookkeepers which industries they’ve worked in and where they feel they’ve been able to make the most difference.

Calling the shots

“I have worked in practise, for the leisure industry and for myself since becoming a bookkeeper but for me, there is no better feeling than working for yourself and knowing that you are achieving your goals – not someone else’s,” says Natasha Everard, AAT licensed bookkeeper.

“But if I had to hone in one certain industry, small sole traders have really appreciated the help and service provided by my bookkeeping. It’s one less pressure taken off them which allows them to concentrate on their business knowing that their bookkeeping is being looked after by a professional – that’s where I’ve been able to make the most difference,” she added.

Sometimes it’s the people you work with

“I’ve worked with lots of different industries over the years! I don’t think I have a favourite industry however, but running my own business has quickly made me realise that I have a favourite type of person who I like working with,” says Claire Holgate, AAT licensed accountant who runs her own bookkeeping practice.

“I like working with people who care about their business, who realise that understanding and staying on top of their financial information is important. I like working with people who respect my expertise and opinions and who pay me on time. On the surface that could sound simply like someone who wants to work with a bookkeeper but it so isn’t,” she states.

What about industries? “In terms of industries… I think because I love a bit of tech, I have been able to help retail and construction companies quite well. Both of these industries can have lots of receipts/purchases and can pay for things in cash, so the simple act of bringing in something like Receipt Bank can free up so much of their time.

“Earlier this year I began working with a construction company and brought in Xero and Receipt Bank, so nothing ground breaking. After a month we sat down and I brought up his profit and loss on Xero and he sat back and said “Wow, I’ve never been able to see my business like this before”. And it was just a profit and loss. But because of his record keeping and how his accountant worked, in his three-four years of trading, no one had been able to produce any reports for him. It’s moments like this that you realise the difference you can make,” concludes Holgate.

Linguistic skills

For Antonio Scarmadella, AAT licensed bookkeeper, “being a trilingual speaker, I really enjoy working with individuals that have foreign tax implication in their domestic financial and tax affairs: industries like import and export, manufacturing are of a major interest for us. As for the difference we can make… I believe for any clients I have signed up since I have started my practice I have left a good “fingerprint” and especially for clients that have moved from an old accountant to us and been happy with the transition,” he added.

The entrepreneurial spirit

“I’ve worked in several industries including retail, construction and practice. But the most I’ve enjoyed is helping entrepreneurs who run their businesses purely online – helping them to identify money issues and propose ways to manage them better,” says Jenna Strickland MAAT.

“In terms of the impact of my work, I’ve really felt I’ve made the most difference with entrepreneurs. Through creating systems that support their online business, to giving them more confidence with knowing their financial numbers,” she says.

Carole Alexander, AAT licensed accountant who runs her own bookkeeping practice agrees.

“We work within many industries from Retail to Veterinary Surgeons, from Construction to Advertising and Design. And whilst they are all very different, we all enjoy a good job done for someone. In terms of the industries where we feel we can make the most difference, we concentrate our efforts on Small Business and startups, so it is nice when you see the startups fly and grow up,” Alexander concluded.

Every fibre counts

“I’ve only just started out so am limiting myself to the fibre industry right now as I have a lot of hobbies in that area and therefore have a considerable background knowledge which I feel lends itself to understanding my clients. I also love helping these clients as I like feeling connected to the industry,” says Alessendra Parsons, AAT Licensed Bookkeeper.

“Alongside that, they often have limited knowledge of bookkeeping and accounting and it’s so satisfying to know that I will help them grow their businesses and they are more likely to succeed in this industry that I love.

“I know that I have made a big difference to their lives, as I have received some fantastic feedback already. I might only be making a difference to a small number of people, but I’m certainly making a large difference to that small number of people and their businesses,” Parsons added.

Jen Smith coaches entrepreneurs in social media.

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