How studying accountancy gave me my confidence back

Sarah Knight turned to accountancy following disappointing A-Level results

Sarah Knight turned to accountancy following disappointing A-Level results

Following disappointing A-Level results, AAT member Sarah Knight abandoned the idea of going to university for a career in retail management. Years later she decided to change career and study accountancy. Here she describes how achieving an AS in Accountancy gave her the confidence to progress on to AAT

There came a time for me when I realised I was really unhappy with where I had found myself career wise.

I was working for a franchise of an international automotive brand and was head of my sector. My customers were, predominantly, happy with the service I provided; some had even become friends and I, customers of theirs. My bosses were happy with my work – targets were met, new clients acquired and I was not too much of a boat rocker.

But, I was unsatisfied and didn’t know what to do about it.

Studying accountancy: my light bulb moment

My light bulb appeared whilst flicking through the local paper one August day. The local colleges and schools were scrapping for students; their adverts verging on the vulgar and crass. But the adverts attracted me.

Could I go back to school? I shuddered as I remembered my last experience of education. Don’t confuse this with me not enjoying my secondary school; I loved it, but that was a long time ago and I was a different person now. I had responsibilities, a full time job and a lifestyle.

Would I even remember how to study? Could I afford it? Would my brain even work that way again? A-Levels were tough at 16-18 so God knows how I would cope now.

I had happily ridden the GCSE wave; bobbing along and gaining the odd A, several B’s and a few C’s. Crunch time came with the assumption that A-Levels would follow suit. I struggled and this reflected in my grades, attitude to learning and confidence: C in Classics and a devastating E in my beloved English Literature.

How I lost my confidence after disappointing A-Level results

Feeling crushed and beaten, I abandoned the idea of University for a career in retail management. It was tough, but I learned vital skills and regained my bruised demeanour.

I scoured the internet for courses I thought I may like and stumbled across AS Accountancy. I researched the college and the pass rates, the costs, the syllabus and progression onto AAT.

I had found my Holy Grail.

How my AS in Accountancy led to AAT

A year later with the support of my then boyfriend (now husband) and my parents, I got the call at work. I had passed with a C. I was overwhelmed and inconsolable with pride. Success does funny things to a girl. That night I applied to start my AAT Intermediate, ordered my textbook and filed away my AS study notes.

My dream had begun.

Sarah Knight is a full member of AAT. This is a series of blogs charting her experience of being an adult learner studying AAT. Now she has successfully completed AAT, she has progressed on to studying ACCA.

Sarah Knight Sarah Knight is the winner of the 2013 AAT CPD Prize.

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