Kick-start your finance career whilst studying AAT

If you’re currently studying for your Advanced Diploma in Accounting, did you know you could also apply for AAT bookkeeping membership (AATQB) status?

Demonstrate your expertise and knowledge to potential employers with this membership status today. You can even go on to apply to become an AAT Licensed Bookkeeper and offer a range of self-employed services whilst you progress with your studies.

What you need to apply

To apply for AATQB status, you’ll need fulfil one of the following:

Sonia Isaac AATQB, who completed her AAT Foundation Certificate in Accounting at Suffolk college, and her AAT Advanced Diploma in Accounting through the ICS distance learning programme, recently applied for AATQB status after passing level 3.

“I was already a student member of AAT so I didn’t have to pay any extra,” she says. There are no initial fees for AAT students who apply. But you’ll see an increase the next time you renew your membership, as you’ll pay the AATQB fee instead of your AAT student fee.

“The process was very simple and straightforward. I filled in an online form and sent it off to the AAT head office. I gained my AATQB status as soon as my application was approved, and received my official AATQB certificate later in the mail.”

Isaac, who is now studying part-time towards her AAT Professional Diploma in Accounting, also works for a community support service for people with learning disabilities; Leading Lives. She says, however, that she didn’t need to do any additional work experience for her AATQB status after passing the Advanced Certificate in Bookkeeping and Ethics.

“If you want to go on to apply to be a licensed bookkeeper though, then there’s a minimum amount of work experience required,” Isaac says.

Gaining AATQB status

Sonia says gaining AATQB status has given her a great sense of achievement and accomplishment.

“I feel very proud of myself and more confident in my day to day work within the finance team,” she says. “It’s motivated me to work harder to become a fully qualified accountant so I can achieve my dream of one day having my own successful business.”

The key benefits

Sonia says she believes the opportunity to join a nationwide community of people and expand her professional network has been one of the biggest advantages of gaining AATQB status.

“It’s also given me access to a number of career tools which will hopefully help me to secure my next big role or promotion,” she notes.

She also believes it’s improved her career prospects as it demonstrates to employers that she’s serious about her career.

“I think employers are keen to take on AAT students because they see them as a sound employee investment for the future business growth,” she says.


Membership fees depend on your current membership type. If, for example, you’re already a full member you can apply at no extra charge.

AAT students and AAT affiliates won’t need to pay any initial fees either, although students will need to pay the AATQB fee rather than just the AAT fee going forward.

Non-members will be asked to pay the AATQB annual membership fee. You’ll also need to share copies of your relevant qualification/ membership certificates if they weren’t issued by AAT.

In summary

If you’re currently studying for (or have completed) your Advanced Diploma in Accounting, you can now apply for AAT bookkeeping membership (AATQB) status. This is a great way to demonstrate you’re serious about your professional career post-studies, and showcase what you’ve achieved so far to potential employers.

Gaining AATQB status also gives you the opportunity to apply to become an AAT Licensed Bookkeeper and offer a range of self-employed services, including payroll, whilst you progress through your studies.

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