Taking your assessment: a social distancing guide

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Many of our training providers have started planning on reopening their doors in a safe way.

As a result, we felt it was necessary to make a decision on turning our assessments back on to help students progress through AAT qualifications.

Many assessment centres reopen from 29 June 2020 but they will be functioning in a very different manner than they were before. So what will socially distanced assessments look like and what is the key info you need to be aware of?

Here we run through what you can expect and how you get ready to nail that assessment. 

Booking your assessment 

  • Assessment schedules will be limited to ensure the correct distance is kept between each computer to support social distancing. So booking your assessment as soon as possible to grab one of the first available slots is advised.

Speaking to Tracey Mosley, CEO at EMA training, she said “we fully understand the backlog faced with the AAT assessments and have a waiting list in excess of 150 AAT students waiting to sit assessments, some of these are external students that we are supporting during a time where their training centres/colleges will still be closed. We have allocated them all with a slot and it will be made very clear they must comply with our social distancing measures and instructions”.

Before the assessment 

  • Whilst waiting to enter the assessment make sure you’re spaced a two-meter radius apart from the person in front of you.
  • Ensure you’ve washed your hands and used hand sanitiser, prior to entering the assessment room
  • Enter the room one by one and take your seat (each student will need to be seated prior to the next student entering the room – please arrive early and allow for additional time for everyone to take their seats this before starting the assessment)

Inside the assessment venue

  • All computers, equipment, and workstations will be cleaned before and after each assessment session.
  • PPE in the form of gloves and face masks can be worn during the assessment, however, these will be checked (in a non-contact manner) by the centre staff to ensure there is no hidden equipment.
  • There will be at least a two-metre radius between computers and workstations that will be used for assessments.
  • Designated safe spaces will be provided to leave your belongings, which will be spaced two metres apart.
  • Depending on the assessment venue, signage may be placed in some of the rooms and corridors advising of coronavirus (COVID-19), symptoms and processes the centre has in place, such as social distancing, floor markings, one-way systems, etc.
  • All breaks during an assessment will be supervised to ensure social distancing is being practiced.

Tracey Mosley, CEO at EMA training said: “We have agreed that we will transition back to ‘face to face’ learning two weeks later than originally planned (mid-July 2020 ), this allows us to accommodate the backlog of assessments waiting to be sat and reduce the footfall in the HUB at any one time to an acceptable level”.

Synoptic calendar

Synoptic window dates have now been confirmed for the remainder of the year and include additional dates to help with planning and potential capacity issues due to social distancing restrictions.

Download the 2020–2021 synoptic calendar (PDF)

Social distancing guidelines 

Assessment centres are responsible for ensuring that they are Covid-secure and can support social distancing during the assessment process, putting the health and safety of staff and students first.  

Read the social distancing guidance for training providers (PDF)

Calculated results

Following discussions with Ofqual, we have agreed that AAT will calculate results for students who could reasonably have been expected to complete the Foundation Certificate in Accounting or Foundation Diploma in Accounting and Business this summer.

Read our dedicated page about calculated results.

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Hannah Dolan is AAT Comment’s Content Editor.

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