Things you need to know about going back to college post-Covid

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Since June, AAT assessments have been taking place at Covid-secure venues and training providers, while other colleges are planning to reopen doors, doing everything they can to provide a safe environment for their staff and students.

While each college will differ in terms of restrictions, here’s what students can expect when returning to college for classes and assessments.

Changes to expect when returning for classes

  • You may have your temperature tested at the door. Thermal cameras and infrared thermometers are already being used at the entrances of many offices and restaurants.
  • Some form of contact tracing – registering your name and details so you can be easily contacted if a Covid-19 case emerges at the college.
  • Hand sanitiser and PPE stations will be available at entrances and exits. You should wash or sanitise your hands when you arrive.
  • You may need to don your mask in all communal areas.
  • Entering a lift will also be different – there’ll be limits on the number of people travelling at one time.
  • Some students may be issued with stylus pens for use on high-touch surfaces such as lift buttons.
  • Furniture and difficult-to-clean equipment such as pens/stationery, may have been removed from classrooms.
  • To adhere to two-metre social distancing, desks will be scattered around the classroom, rather than clustered together.
  • To ensure better ventilation, windows and doors may be kept open.
  • Like many supermarkets, there could also be a one-way system in corridors to reduce crowding.

Keeping safe during your assessments

  • Computers and workstations will be set up with at least a two-metre radius between them to allow for social distancing.
  • All computers, equipment, and workstations will be cleaned before and after each assessment session.
  • Designated safe spaces positioned two metres apart will also be provided for you to leave your belongings.
  • Remember to wash or sanitise your hands prior to entering the assessment room.
  • When you are waiting to enter the assessment room, make sure you keep two metres apart from the person in front of you.
  • Each student will need to be seated prior to the next student entering the room – so please arrive early to allow for additional time for everyone to take their seats before starting the assessment.
  • PPE such as gloves and face masks may be checked (in a non-contact manner) by staff at the assessment centre to ensure there is no hidden equipment.
  • Any breaks during an assessment will be supervised to ensure social distancing is being practiced.

Information regarding Covid-19 is subject to change. Visit for the latest updates.

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