5 ways to power-up your accounting firm post-lockdown

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As we look to the future and transition to a post-lockdown mindset, many accountants are looking at ways to power up their business by streamlining their workflow and becoming more efficient.

Here are five things to implement now in order to kick-start your business and bring success post-lockdown:

  1. Get organised. Eliminating paper from your office and shifting to secure online storage is not enough – you will still face issues searching for documents if your file structure is unorganised. Make sure your storage solution has customisable folder structures so you can route documents to their final destination and file them automatically to your specific business requirements. This will make searching for specific documents far easier.
  2. Add a client portal to your website. A client portal allows you, your staff and your clients to access important documents securely at any time, regardless of location. It also allows clients to send you sensitive information securely and quickly over the internet. Don’t lose valuable time because a file exists on one machine that might be temporarily inaccessible, or even worse, lost or stolen.
  3. Create repeatable workflows. Set up automatic notifications, create templates, and establish a centralised location for all of your client information and important document. Integrating tools like DocuSign into your workflow and setting up custom templates to suit your business’ needs saves tremendous amounts of time. For example, you can simply send out a form for signature with one click, have it routed back to the correct folder, and instantly receive a notification that a document has been signed.
  4. Integrate your software. Ensure the platforms you use every day communicate with each other, and avoid having to work in silos based on the software you need at that moment in time. SmartVault integrates with TaxCalc, Outlook, Xero, Quickbooks and more – plus you can connect virtually any app you use to SmartVault via our print driver integration.
  5. Set up 2-Factor Authentication (2FA). This may not save you time immediately, however turning on 2FA reduces the risk of cyberattack by over 98% – this could save you a lot of time (and money) if your computer or email was hacked and sensitive information was inadvertently disclosed. Any apps that store or process sensitive information should have the option to turn on 2FA – and if they don’t, they should!

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This content is brought to you by SmartVault.

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