Q2022 - Training Providers


Here’s what you need to know.


5 steps to get up to speed

Q2022 is so much more than a suite of new qualifications.  Q2022 will give your new student intake career-enhancing skills in business awareness and data analytics, and will ground them in the emerging requirements of ethics and sustainability.

1.  Have you applied to teach Q2022?

Your centre needs approval to teach/offer any of the new Level 1, 2, 3 and 4 qualifications. It’s really easy and takes only minutes!

The Main Contact for your company centre can apply for approval via their My AAT  account.

It will take five days from submission to approval.

Apply from My AAT

2. Have your delivery teams seen the AAT delivery webinars?

Our delivery webinars will give you the all-important high level view of how Q2022 works.
Save yourself time and effort by learning from students’ experiences in the pilot.

Get started:

3. Are your IT and exams teams Q2022-ready?

Q2022 is moving on to a new fit-for-purpose assessment platform – ATLAS Cloud. Ask your exam team to watch the webinar so they are confident about how it works (AAT credentials required).

ATLAS Cloud webinar


The IT spec has changed to work with Atlas Cloud and meet the needs of the new courses. Have your IT team check it out to make sure they have the right equipment.
Browse the IT spec

4. Have you signed off your curriculum plan?

  • Have you signed off your curriculum plan for the AAT Level 1 to Level 4 Qualifications 2022 pathways?
  • Have you designed delivery schedules and timetables?
  • And don’t forget to update your website – you don’t want your prospects to read old and out-of-date information!

5. Have you arranged teaching resources for your team?

  • Have you selected a publisher?
  • Have you ordered tutor inspection copies?
  • (Some providers, such as Kaplan, BPP or Osborne, will provide these free of charge.)

If partnering  with a learning management system (LMS) provider:

  • Have you budgeted and ordered?
  • Have you signed a contract?
  • Have you trained staff?