AAT Stories: the real faces of AAT

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There’s more to AAT than number crunching.

Everyday different people embark on their journeys with AAT and they emerge on the other side with new skills, different experiences and a fresh outlook on life. This journey is anything but a linear affair.

#AATStories on Instagram, will discover the real people and heroes of AAT and the accountancy profession. These stories shine a light on our students and members that have come a long way by being original, breaking with convention, and persisting despite the odds. They’re an inspiration and represent the ethos and spirit of AAT.

So we would like to invite you all to join them on Instagram and be inspired by their stories and share your own experiences. This is a celebration of the people of AAT and their hard work. We are proud to have played a part – whether big or small in their path to success.

Tune in this week to discover why Holly chose a vocational education over university and why this was the best decision she ever made, and how Claire overcame a serious illness and became her own boss.

Keep an eye on our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for more updates.

If you would like to share your story please get in touch.

Paul Coombes is AAT Online Community Executive.

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