AAT Stories: the highlights

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#AATStories – the real faces of AAT, recently launched on Instagram and here is a round-up of the latest inspirational stories we’ve shared…

Jo is under 35 and has already been promoted to Finance Director. Read about her journey to career success in parts one, two and three.


Jessica puts her accounting skills to great use outside of work by volunteering for the RNLI. If you help your local community with your accounting knowledge, we’d love to hear about it in the comments section.


Charlotte chose the vocational route and is now an Account Manager at 21. Having being told that she wouldn’t amount to much due to her lack of interest in school, she’s delighted to have proven everyone wrong. Read her full story here.


Moving from Russia to the UK, getting married and having a newborn son was not enough to stop Svetlana pursuing her career in accounting.


Gina regularly sings to raise money at charity events.


If you would like to share your story please in touch. 

Paul Coombes is AAT Online Community Executive.

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