5 reasons AAT is moving to Canary Wharf

Hitting net zero is just one of the reasons AAT is relocating to Canary Wharf in May 2022. 

The move will be much more than just a relocation: AAT hopes it will usher in a new era of hybrid working for the 220-strong workforce as well as improving the wellbeing of its staff. 

1. AAT can reduce its carbon footprint 

Every business is going to have to address its carbon footprint at some point. Changing premises offers a perfect opportunity to do this and was one of the key reasons AAT has decided to relocate.  

The new building – 30 Churchill Place, Canary Wharf – will be a serviced space managed by WeWork, meaning the building is both designed and furnished.  

30 Churchill Place is rated ‘Excellent’ by BREEAM – the Building Research Establishment’s Environmental Assessment Method. That places it among the top 10% of new non-domestic buildings in the UK on a broad range of measures including energy, waste, health & wellbeing, materials, pollution, and land use. 

2. AAT can cut waste 

AAT wants more than its logo to be green. Another attraction of relocation is opportunity to reduce waste. The ongoing energy crisis has highlighted the benefits of reducing energy consumption –  30 Churchill Place is not only energy efficient, it uses 100% green energy. 

As the office is fully serviced, AAT will be able to lean on WeWork’s ethical supply chains to source everything down to the furniture in a sustainable manner. Use of utilities will be carefully monitored and optimised, and there will be no single-use plastics with zero waste to landfill.  

 3. A new building will facilitate a new way of working 

AAT had been trialling new ways of working even before Covid-19, so was well prepared for this change. Staff were consulted via surveys and showed their support for a hybrid approach requiring them to attend the office a minimum of one day per week.   

With this in mind, moving premises has allowed AAT to downsize from a 25,000 sq. ft space to just under 11,000 sq. ft. 30 Churchill Place will have desks for around 90 people to come to the office each day using a booking system, with flexibility for those employees that may want to come in every day. 

4. The environment is designed for collaboration 

These days, an office needs to be more than a place to work.  

Having adapted to remote working, many organisations have found their employees have sustained or even improved their productivity. But what has been sorely missing is the chance to link up with colleagues face to face for informal chats and collaboration. 

30 Churchill Place is designed to facilitate interaction – with more space for collaboration, including a reception area with an open-plan café-style area and a host of meeting rooms for break out sessions.  

5. AAT can improve staff wellbeing  

Finding and retaining good people is harder now than ever. The Great Resignation and the ensuing battle to recruit and retain staff have made it more important than ever that employers go the extra mile to look after employees. 

At Canary Wharf, AAT hopes it can raise its game. Employees will benefit from a programme of activities including breakfast, yoga, fitness, cooking and Spanish lessons, foosball and pool tables which will aid with team building. The local area will also offer a wider choice of services from shopping to gym memberships, plenty of outdoor space and areas to socialise.  

When does this happen? 16 May 2022 

AAT’s new address: 30 Churchill Place, London E14 5RE

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Hannah Dolan is AAT Comment’s Content Editor.

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