Making the Grade – Level 4 study tips from AAT members

Making the grade

Making the grade

Our online community is a very busy place where AAT members can come and chat about the issues of the day and help each other out with their studies. Earlier this year we realised that, if we wanted to help student members through Level 4, the best people to go to for tips and advice would be other AAT members.

Over several weeks we asked our Facebook fans for study tips, revision tools and assessment techniques for each unit of Level 4. We put the best into an online tips book – Making the Grade – which you can now download from the AAT site.

We hope this guide benefits those struggling with Level 4, from financial statements to ISYS. Remember, our online community offers advice and support from students and professional members who have been in the same position as you. Join the conversation now by:

Like most things in life, we do have a few terms and conditions for using our online community.

For now, enjoy our new Level 4 tips guide and if you have any suggestions on how we can improve it, or if you think we should make one for another AAT qualification, send us an email at We’re always keen to hear from people who would like to get involved with AAT’s community.

If you’d rather not revise from an onscreen guide, know that Making the Grade was designed to be used as a printed out document as well as a PDF!

Below you can see some of the replies that we received in this campaign. These are just a taster; you can view the full guide with the link above. 


Christian Bace is AAT's former Online Community Coordinator.

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