Why distance learning could be the perfect study mode for you

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Nisar Ahmed is AAT Programme Leader at  BPP. Nisar has seen a surge in students choosing to study through distance learning methods – here he explains why. 

With our busy lifestyles and the ever challenging task of balancing work and family commitments, it’s not surprising that studying via distance learning is on the rise. The ability to fit studying around our hectic schedules is becoming increasingly attractive to those wanting to gain a recognised qualification without being able to commit to a structured classroom course.

What is distance learning and how does it work with AAT?

Distance learning allows students to study in their own time and at their own pace. Students can study from the comfort of their own home without the need to travel to a study centre or rearrange work/family commitments to physically attend a course.

At BPP we offer three different types of distance learning study for students, giving our students as much flexibility and opportunity as possible to suit their individual needs.

  • Online Classroom Live

This allows you to access all course materials and lectures in an online format. Course lectures are held by experienced BPP tutors and take place at set times in a live format, thereby allowing participation for discussion and comments throughout. You have the added peace of mind that if you miss one of the sessions or need to recap on anything it’s no problem because all the live, interactive sessions are made available in a recorded format.

  • Online Classroom

Online Classroom courses allow maximum flexibility, meaning you can study whenever and wherever suits you best with the full suite of online recorded lectures and course materials. There is also plenty of opportunity for interaction with fellow students via the student forums and with your dedicated BPP course tutor.

  • Distance Learning Basics

Basics courses consist of a combination of online and physical learning materials. This study mode is very cost-effective, and perfect if you’re a dedicated self-starter and require less tutorial support.

Who can study via distance learning?

Distance learning offers the perfect opportunity to progress with learning at any age and is completely flexible and open to the individual. I would say that distance learning suits people who are self disciplined and can’t commit to a structured classroom course.

This method of learning has opened many doors for those wanting to study alongside having a family and/or work full time, regardless of whether or not they are currently employed in a finance role. Many students see the benefits of obtaining  finance qualifications because they are always needed in all businesses, big and small.

What do our students think?

Many of our students are career changers and those returning to work. As AAT Programme Leader at BPP, it is marvellous to see so many students overcoming the challenges of balancing work, family and study to become fully qualified Accounting Technicians.

For example, BPP AAT student Paul Bamford says: “I was surprised how well put together the online course is, having never done distance learning before… I am really happy with the structure and it’s a great way of learning that I can fit around my work/life commitments.”

Kerrie Fisk has recently taken her final exam for AAT Level 4. Kerrie chose to study after starting a family and while holding down a full time job, and is a fantastic example of  someone who benefits from the flexible nature of distance learning.

Kerrie was able to mix and match study modes to suit her learning needs.

Kerrie says: “It’s been hard to juggle work and study, but extremely rewarding at the same time… it’s not easy, but nothing in life is – you just need to stick at it.”

With advancements in technology, gone are the days when choosing to study for a qualification meant having to re-schedule plans and arrange childcare in order to commit to timetabled lessons at a local study centre. With the development of online study modes, the choice of where and when to study is completely yours.

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