9 tips to succeed while studying by distance

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1. Plan your study time in advance

Mark milestones like exams or assignments in a calendar and calculate how much work you will have to do each week in order to be ready. Approaching big tasks in regular bite-sized chunks will prevent assessments from becoming overwhelming.

2. Eat a well balanced diet of healthy foods that fuel your brain

It can be easy to rely on caffeine and sugar to keep you going through big study sessions but instead eat apples, walnuts and blueberries which can improve your ability to focus, retain information and remain alert. Fresh sage is also known to improve your memory.

3. Find out what kind of learner you are

There are numerous tests you can take for free online to find out which type of learner you are. Once you know whether you’re a visual, auditory, reading/writing or kinaesthetic learner, you’ll be able to find a way of studying and revising that suits you best.

4. Avoid any distraction

Switch off any device that you’re not using for your studies such as your phone and TV and make sure to check your emails, social media and any other messages only during break times.

5. Take breaks

It’s easy to lose concentration during long study sessions.  Studying from home and remaining disciplined can be a challenge. It’s therefore beneficial to take breaks by going for a walk or doing some exercise to remain focused and avoiding feeling chained to your desk.

6.  Listen to music you can’t sing along to

Some students find listening to music helps them to be more productive. If that’s the case with you, make sure to listen to music that you won’t be able to sing along to, to avoid distractionand leave the volume low.

7. Make studying a habit

Set aside specific time slots during the week and create a comfortable study space. By planning it as a non-negotiable appointment, studying will soon turn from a task into a habit.

8. Reward yourself

Once you’ve achieved a milestone from your study plan, treat yourself. Treats and rewards will help your motivation and give you something to look forward to.

9. Last but not least, make the most of the support available to you

AAT and your chosen distance learning provider are here to help you succeed on the way of gaining your qualification. Make sure to regularly get in touch with your allocated tutor and use the online forums available for discussions or any questions you may have. You might even be able to find a study buddy to support each other along the way.

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Britta Lowack is Digital Marketing Manager at ICS Learn.

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