Unlock your potential: 5 people who found their future with AAT

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Do you want a new career, a better work-life balance or simply to earn more? Here’s how studying AAT helped an entrepreneur fulfil her potential.

Cristina Patel, MAAT

Then: Lacking the necessary skills to grow her business
Now: Helping her clients realise their dreams

Cristina Patel started her business, Priority Point, in 2011 when she noticed a gap in the market: lots of Romanian expats were unaware of UK regulation around becoming self-employed. Cristina understood the challenges that they faced when setting up a business, so was well placed to help them out. She could also speak Romanian, giving her an additional advantage.

“We would educate them with regards to their responsibilities as self-employed individuals,” she says. “It was very niche.” Then the business was dragged in an unexpected direction. As well as individuals, more and more companies started using Cristina’s service.

Demand was becoming greater and greater: “I realised it was time to expand my skills, so that we could expand our services. That’s why I started AAT.” She was lucky to find great AAT tutors right across the street from her office: Professional Accountancy Tutors in Wembley.

“They’re amazing. I loved the fact that they were so flexible. I was always looking forward to going to the classes.”

Cristina’s company now offers everything from tax returns to careers advice, with 150 clients, the vast majority of which are start-ups.

Cristina loves the excitement of working with new businesses: “It’s great to see somebody who, four years ago, started from scratch and now has 15 employees. We’ve been there with them. It’s such a nice feeling.” AAT has given her everything she needs to create her dream company, she says: “I have my business where I want it to be.”

To get started visit StudyAAT or call +44 20 3735 02400

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