Unlock your potential: 5 people who found their future with AAT

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Do you want a new career, a better work-life balance or simply to earn more? Here’s how studying AAT helped this role model fulfill her potential.

Amy Scott, student

Then: Single mum, unfulfilled at work
Now: Working in her dream job and making her son proud.

Stuck in a job with no prospects, Amy Scott was determined to gain an AAT qualification. The only problem was the cost. “I’m a working, single mum, so I was reliant on benefits to supplement my wages,” she says. But Amy came across the Premier Training sponsorship programme when researching training options.

The programme allows one student to study through the AAT Accounting Qualifications free of charge. Amy decided to apply: “I never thought I’d get it. But you’ve got to be in it to win it.” In her application, Amy told a very personal story about her wish to give her son a better future.

Three months later, she got a call; she’d won the sponsorship. “I didn’t believe it at first,” she says. “Then it sunk in: I can do the course.”

“I want to show my son that, if you work hard, you can get a really good job, no matter what your age,” she says. “I left school when I was 16. I didn’t go to college or university; I just went straight into work. I didn’t have any qualifications behind me, so all I could do was manual labour and basic retail.”

Amy has now nearly completed all three AAT Accounting Qualifications, and works in the accounts department at Unilever. “The job I’ve got now is amazing; the benefits, the pay, the flexibility – it’s my dream job,” she says.

The qualification has also boosted Amy’s confidence – her knowledge of accounting has allowed her to take on new tasks with ease. “When people talk about journals and expense accounts, it’s really nice to know what they’re talking about,” she says. “That’s thanks to AAT. I wouldn’t have got this job without it.”

Case study provided by Jane Hasler, Premier Training

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