Nikolay Lozev finds success studying AAT in Bulgaria

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Nikolay Lozev is among the first alumni of the School of Finance and Accounting for Young Professionals. A programme that AAT and MDV Professional Education launched together in 2016 in Bulgaria.

Here he tells his story of how he chose his career path and continues to develop with an AAT professional certification.

How did you decide what to study?

Ever since I was a child, I watched my parents develop a successful business, attending meetings and building a stable future for themselves and our family. It was then that I realised that I wanted to be part of this environment – to know how a company operates and to have the skills to achieve similar results.

These were the main reasons that I took the decision to study Business Administration at UNWE – the leading economy university here in Sofia.

What did you enjoy most whilst studying?

During my studies, I learned a variety of subjects, but finance and accounting were definitely my favourites. It was then I realised these were the languages of real business. Without knowing these areas well, you cannot understand exactly what is happening in any company’s operations.

How did you develop your skills?

I felt that what I was learning was not enough, so I started looking for other ways to develop my skills. Initially, I began to re-read from my textbooks on the fundamentals of accounting. I worked part time as a life guard, but instead of just resting in my spare time – I paged through the material again and solved almost all the question examples.

How did you first hear about AAT?

When I came back, I joined an internship program for several months at a local accountancy firm. Soon afterwards, in 2016, by chance I saw an advert for MDV Professional Education.

At that time, the team was organising their first edition of the School of Finance and Accounting for Young Professionals and I decided to register directly. It was during this programme that I first heard of AAT and their qualifications.

Did you find a job easily?

Although I was the youngest and least experienced candidate, I managed to qualify for one of the top rankings in the final exam. Thanks to my efforts and the invaluable help of the MDV team, I managed to find a job as a financial specialist at a large holding company operating in the real estate investments.

I am extremely grateful to MDV for their support over the past few years. Today I actively practice everything I have learned in their classrooms and at the university. 

Have you continued with your studies?

Soon after graduating from my bachelor’s degree, I began my studies in accounting and control. At the same time, MDV had announced a Foundation Certificate in Accounting scholarship.

I applied for it immediately and have recently passed the first of my exams with 93% success rate. The material is extremely practical – real mini case-studies are solved and I like learning this way. I hope to gain equally good results with the other levels of this internationally recognised qualification and I will continue my AAT studies with great enthusiasm.

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