Six apps every accountant should use

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The array of productivity apps claiming to make your work and life easier is ever-growing. But which apps are the best for the very specific needs of accountants? Here are six of the best…

Adobe EchoSign

  • Great for: Document administration
  • Android, iOS, Windows
  • Free to install

Signing off documents can be one of the most frustrating tasks for an accountant, especially if you are working remotely. EchoSign, as it is still commonly known – Adobe recently changed the name to the less catchy eSign Manager DC  – streamlines the whole signing process. Create a secure link to the document, send to your client, they review and sign electronically via the browser and send back. You can also track the status and organise the documents. No scanning, no attachments, no email chains, less hassle for you. It’s free for basic single user and offers a free trial, and you can subscribe to a range of packages.

PowerOne Finance Pro Calculator

  • Great for: Complex calculations
  • iOS, Android
  • £3.99

PowerOne Finance Pro is the only calculator app you need: it’s a fully featured algebraic and RPN calculator, presents calculations in clear graphic layouts, and also has neat functions for everyday uses such as restaurant bills and tips. The app has inbuilt calculations for everything from currency conversions to cashflow, and you can create custom templates for calculations you use on a regular basis. What’s more, all calculations can be shared between users, making it easy to collaborate with clients and send quick queries.

Zoho Books

  • Great for: Multi-project organisation
  • iOS, Android, Windows
  • Free

If you’re juggling multiple projects at a time, Zoho Books is for you. Track expenses, send invoices, automate payments directly to the bank, and create reports, timesheets, quotes and transactions anytime anywhere. It’s a handy all-rounder for managing back-office aspects of your own business as well as accounting processes for your clients.

FreeAgent Accounting

  • Great for: Client collaboration
  • iOS
  • Free install (Monthly fee applies)

This app helps you collaborate more effectively with clients, particularly if you are based out of office. One of the key features of this app is real time automatic alerts to highlight issues and deadlines on your clients’ books. You can click straight through to the issue highlighted and solve it there and then. You and your client see the same overview, and you can control the access your client has to other functions, ensuring there is no confusion or doubling of efforts. The UK version also offers support assistance for British tax laws.


  • Great for: Small business accounting
  • iOS, Android
  • Free download, monthly subscription £23.99

Xero is a visually well-crafted app that allows you to have clear visibility of all your payment channels including PayPal. It’s key strength is the speeding up of small but necessary tasks, such as filing receipts – simply take a photo and upload. You can also make calls within the app, and get notifications on banking transactions.


  • Great for: Collecting your thoughts
  • iOS, Android, Windows
  • Free

Evernote is probably the most ubiquitous app on our list, but it’s worth reiterating how useful and versatile it is. Note taking, to do lists, group ideas sharing, and more are all synced across your devices so you can find everything easily, whichever screen you happen to be in front of. Good for work, side projects, and anything else you need to keep track of.

Kayleigh Ziolo is a freelance journalist and writer based in Ireland.

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