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When considering switching to a new career, such as Bookkeeping & Accounting, or enhancing your existing career in this field, it’s important that you research fully to ensure you are going to have the best chance to achieve your ambitions.

It is important that you consider the following when considering your best options:

Career Prospects

It is no lie when we say that EVERY business in the UK, large or small, needs the use of a bookkeeper/accountant to ensure their finances are in good order and that they are adhering to financial regulations relating to their business type. A very quick search on one recruitment website, using the terms ‘bookkeeper’ and ‘accountant’ provided over 30,000 available positions within the UK. This covered entry positions at £13-£15 per hour, to accounting managers at £40,000-£50,000 per annum, to partnership opportunities offering salaries upwards of £100,000.

This shows that the prospects are excellent in this field.

Appropriate qualifications

It is widely considered that the AAT is the most highly regarded entry level accounting qualification available. With over 120,000 members, it is hard to argue with that fact. Also, in line with the job search, there are 15,000 positions available specifically linked to AAT qualifications. This is further proof that following the AAT route is a very wise choice.

How to gain the AAT qualification

With modern methods of teaching, there are different avenues you can take to gain the AAT qualification. Whether you are able to regularly commit to a fixed study timetable or require a more flexible study journey to fit around family and work commitments, there are plenty of options available. The home study/online method of study allows for fantastic flexibility, where qualifications can be gained far quicker than the fixed study terms offered at colleges, etc., and modern technologies ensure you are supported along the way.

What IDEAL Schools can offer you

At Ideal Schools, we can provide a fully tutor-supported route to all AAT level 2, 3 & 4 bookkeeping and accounting qualification. We specialise in providing bookkeeping & accounting training via home study/online. We accept new students on our study programs every day, so students can start their study whenever it suits them. Once they make a start, they then dictate the pace, and it’s our job to work with them at that pace. So, whether the study schedule is 5hrs or 20hrs per week, this is fine by us. The more you study each week, the quicker you’ll achieve your qualification goals.

We provide a personalised support service for all students, where assignment and mock exam correction are tailored for that specific submission, ensuring full understanding as students move through their course work. When help is needed, students are encouraged to contact us as often as is necessary to ensure they can move through their study without delay.

Course support is flexible and can be accessed via phone, email, live chat, provide social groups or our instant messaging service. Our course advisors and/or tutors will be delighted to discuss your study options with you, call us today on 0141 248 5200 or 0800 028 1404, or email us at [email protected]

This content is brought to you by Ideal Schools.

Ideal Schools provides a complete range of bookkeeping, payroll and taxation courses to help you become a self-employed bookkeeper or work within a financial environment..

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