No longer wanting to follow in your parents’ footsteps?

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Young people feel they are more successful professionally than their parents according to new research commissioned by us here at AAT.

We did research with 2,000 British workers and found that more than half of respondents earn more than either of their parents did at the peak of their careers.

Nearly two thirds have reached a higher level of education than mum and dad held and less than a fifth work in a field even remotely similar to that of their parents.

Respondents said this was because they were either enticed by higher salaries in other industries or had very little interest in their parents’ professions.

Mark Farrar, Chief Executive here at the AAT, commented on the findings:

“Perhaps this is a sign that young people today have more freedom than their parents did in choosing a career path that is right for them, and as a result can expect to flourish.”

While the tradition of following a parent’s profession is dying out parents still play a key role in influencing the success of their children, namely in pushing them to achieve more than they did.

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Ben Walker is the former editor of Accounting Technician.

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