Must-know tips for the most successful apprentices

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Gordon Ramsay, Alan Titchmarsh and, yes, Elvis Presley were all former apprentices. If you want a serious full-time job after your apprenticeship scheme, these tools and tips could offer a winning difference…

Stay organised

Accounting apprentice Katie uses the time management app Nozbe to keep herself organised. In particular, Nozbe’s reminders and scheduling features allow her to preserve time for AAT studies after the workday ends. Here are more tools used by successful people.

Play for the team

Manchester United’s legendary manager Sir Alex Ferguson was an ex-factory apprentice, who famously told a group of 12-year-old academy players that although “individuals can add brilliance, [success] is about the team”. First, get yourself into team mode; then be familiar with the many collaboration tools out there. Online task manager Mindmeister is an important tool for syncing tasks, sharing ideas and projects between team members.

Be more productive

More than four-fifths of apprentices say that doing an apprenticeship has boosted both their ability to do the job and their career prospects. Former engineering apprentice Nimesh used Mind Tools to sharpen his communication, numerical and leadership abilities, and his all-round skills.

Go network!

Career advisor All About School Leavers encourages new apprentices actively to network with other workers. Go to work social events; meet up regularly with your mentor, register with industry networking communities… it all shows that you’re keen to assimilate. Ivan Misner (Networking Like a Pro) should get you in the mood, as will the effervescent Pinky Lilani. Spend five minutes with either and you’ll talk to anyone…

And finally

It’s National Apprenticeships Week so there’s lots of advice flying around. We did some filtering for you, and here are some of the most helpful links and tips:

Jermaine Haughton is a journalist and digital media professional.

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