Modern Finance Roles – Business Transformation Manager

As the industry changes, traditional accounting roles are transforming alongside it. We asked some recruitment experts about the types of roles you can find in the modern accounting industry.

In the second of our series on modern finance roles, here we look at what it takes to become a business transformation manager.

What does a business transformation manager do?

“Business transformation managers are largely responsible for recognising areas for improvement within a company and implementing necessary changes to enable a business to perform to its optimum ability,” says Kathryn Heeler, consultant at Sellick Partnership.

“Working closely with the managing director or CEO, they are often responsible for overseeing all areas of a business and delivering sustainable improvements. The role is largely defined by an employer and can cover everything from business strategy to IT.” 

A business transformation manager has a much wider remit, though some of the skills and duties involved are similar. Influencing skills are important for both, for example, as is an ability to think strategically. 

What is a business transformation manager responsible for?

A business transformation manager’s duties include, but are not limited to: 

  1. Acting as a point of contact between different departments within the company and relevant third parties.
  2. Communicating strategies and objectives with relevant departments and colleagues.
  3. Identifying any risks or business changes and developing strategies to overcome or address these.
  4. Implementing changes without causing disruption to the business.
  5. Creating a system of evaluation to determine the success of the changes.
  6. Manage HR and IT issues, depending on the business changes involved.

Who would suit a business transformation manager role?

Heeler says a business transformation manager should have the ability to influence day-to-day decisions and work collaboratively with senior stakeholders across the business. “They are a translator between finance and operations and should be able to relay this information in a clear and concise way,” she explains.

“They should have strong business skills, including stakeholder management and presentation skills. They need to be commercially aware and able to understand and anticipate the needs of operations and management.” 

A business transformation manager will be able to implement any changes sensitively and with minimal disruption to the rest of the business. In addition, they will be able to create or implement systems to evaluate the success of any adjustments made within the organisation (and present any findings). 

“In some cases, they will manage HR issues including recruitment, staff training and appraisals,” says Heeler. “Also where necessary, oversee any IT issues.” 

How much would a business transformation manager earn?

Business transformation managers potentially earn £65,000. According to Heeler, depending on the size of an organisation and where it is based, the salary range of a business transformation manager can be from £55,000 to £65,000.

Where can you find a business transformation manager role?

“They can work in large or small, public and private organisations, as well as specialist management consultancies,” says Heeler. “In some cases, they will manage HR issues including recruitment, staff training and appraisals.”

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