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While working in fashion retail, Rasa Adomaitytė decided to follow a career path in finance. Since qualifying with AAT, she has remained working in the fashion industry, stepping up into her current role with an online fashion retail business. 

Rasa Adomaitytė was introduced to AAT by her store manager while she was working in a retail store as a head cashier. After completing her AAT studies, her retail background, along with her AAT qualification, helped work her way up to her current role as a financial accountant for an online fashion retail business, Braveheart International Limited. “I used to work in a retail store as a head cashier,” Rasa explains.  

“I was introduced to AAT by my store manager – at that time, one of her friends had completed AAT Level 3 and got his first job in accounting as a credit controller. After learning more about AAT, I felt that it might be the right career path for me. Not long after that, I signed up for AAT Level 2.” 

Rasa noticed that she was finding it difficult to study during the warmer months – when the weather was nice, being stuck indoors studying was not so appealing. 

“I studied harder during autumn and winter, making sure that I finished one of the AAT levels before spring,” Rasa explains. “Then I did not start studying again until September. That worked well for me. I took the same studying approach for all three AAT levels.” 

After completing AAT Level 2, Rasa got her first job in accounting as a sales ledger clerk. 

Getting started in the industry

Rasa worked for more than a year as an accounts assistant and eventually completed AAT Level 4. 

“It’s a long journey, but it’s so worth it,” she says. “Don’t think about how much you have left to do, just take it one exam at a time – and be consistent with your studies.” 

She then decided to look for a new job and soon accepted an accounts assistant role with well-known online luxury retailer Net-a-Porter. 

“It was an amazing experience,” she says. “I worked in a very fast-paced environment with constant changes. My main responsibilities were filing various tax returns and I was also involved in a number of other projects. I was very fortunate because the company offered me study support, so I started to study ACCA.” 

Not long after starting her new accounts assistant role, Rasa was offered a junior accountant role, which she accepted. However, she didn’t stay long in this position, as she was contacted by a manager she previously worked with and was offered her current financial accountant role. 

“As a start-up company, our finance department is very small,” she explains. “I look after the receivables side, various VAT returns, fixed assets, prepayments, and other month-end reporting tasks. I am also involved in various ongoing projects. Because we’re a start-up company, many internal controls need to be implemented so that everything runs smoothly, and all tasks are completed on time. I really enjoy solving problems, making changes, and seeing positive results.” 

With just four exams to go, Rasa’s next goal is to complete ACCA. After qualifying, she then hopes to progress further in her career. 

Rasa’s advice 

Thinking about an accounting role in the fashion industry? Financial accountant Rasa Adomaitytė recommends sharpening your skills in these areas: 

  • Critical thinking: “If I have any doubt, I always double-check. This has helped me to avoid many costly mistakes.” 
  • Analysing data: “You need to be able to analyse data easily, form a correct opinion and make the right decisions.” 
  • Time management: “I always update and track my to-do list, prioritising tasks and working hard to make sure that deadlines are achieved on time.” 
  • Communication skills and attitude: “I believe that good communication and showing respect to your co-workers defines at least 50% of your success in an accounting career.” 

“When I worked as a sales ledger clerk, I was always interested in learning more,” she says. “Whenever I had spare time, I spent it with the accounts assistant and he introduced me to receivables, payables reconciliation, accruals, prepayments, etc. After spending seven months in the sales ledger clerk role, my colleague resigned and I was offered his position as accounts assistant. This was my first step up in my accounting career.” 

Braveheart International Limited 

Founded in 2020, Braveheart International Limited is an online fashion retail company based in London. Braveheart International Limited owns sustainable contemporary women’s fashion label, Align ( and multi-brand fashion retail platform, The Founded ( 

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