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AAT career coach Aimee Bateman isn’t just a recruitment expert – she’s also an expert on other recruitment experts. Here she shares her top careers websites to help your accounting and finance job search in 2013.

Can you believe 2012 is over? I hope you all had a fantastic year and are looking forward to 2013.

I for one am going to push my boundaries even further than I did in 2012, and I’m planning to take my career to the next level. Whether you’re looking to do the same, or whether you’re seeking your first role in accounting and finance,  I’ve chosen my top ten careers websites which you can use to give you ideas, strategies or assistance when your motivation is flagging.

There is a lot of ‘average’ career advice out there, but these free resources are my absolute favourites.

1. TheUndercoverRecruiter.com

The Undercover Recruiter is the number one recruitment and career blog in the UK and Europe. They talk to recruiters, HR folk and jobseekers.

It features articles from recruitment consultants (including my monthly slot!) and HR Managers. I cannot recommend this website enough and tell every job seeker I meet to subscribe to its updates.

The advice given is especially strong in the area of social media strategies, as it is run by Jorgen Sundberg who is an ex-recruiter and LinkedIn expert.

Twitter: @UndercoverRec

2. TheCareerStylist.com

Do you want to set up your own accountancy practice? If yes, then check out this blog.

Beth Reacher is The Career Stylist and ex-city recruiter. She now offers advice to new business owners and ambitious freelancers. Her website is full of inspiration and practical tools to succeed and is specifically targeted at entrepreneurial women (although I know lots of men who love this blog too).

I’ve met Beth a number of times and believe anyone who follows her advice will gain value from it.

Twitter: @BethReacher

3. Careerbliss.com

This is an online job board, but it also has a fantastic careers blog. They say: ‘CareerBliss believes career happiness is a choice. We give you the information you need to “Choose Happy!”’

I particularly enjoyed the articles ‘Your Boss Is Checking Your Email – Here’s Why’ and ‘7 Signs that You Need a New Career in 2013’

Twitter: @CareerBliss

4. WetFeet.com

Wetfeet.comTo gain value and advice from WetFeet you need to input your email address and create an account. I have done this and am happy to report that I’ve never been the victim of any spam related to the site. Creating an account means you can choose your areas of interest and tailor the information you receive around the finance and accounting industry.

The articles are fantastic and their twitter feed is especially good. Check them out!

Twitter: @Wetfeet_Careers

5. Webrecruit.co.uk

Webrecruit has one of the best career blogs on the web. I love these guys so much that I host a live interactive careers Q&A show with them each month! It’s called CareerCamLive and is shown at 18.30 on the first Tuesday of every month. I answer any careers-related questions that are emailed to us live on the show. This is our way of adding value to as many people as possible during their job searches.

Webrecruit is chaired by James Caan, former Dragon and recruitment entrepreneur. James writes a weekly blog post, as do various other recruitment experts (including me!). They also advertise jobs all over the UK, so check them out.

Twitter: @webrecruit

6. FistfulofTalent.com

Started in 2007, the contributors of this site are some of the most interesting HR leaders out there. I was super-excited when I stumbled upon it, having already followed most of them for years. Being able to read their thoughts collectively in one place is an absolute joy.

They talk about the bare bones of recruiting and careers, and having this insight into how HR leaders really feel is a huge benefit to any person going through a career transition.

Twitter: @fistfuloftalent

7. Guardian Careers

No list would be complete without the Guardian Careers website. Apart from the quality articles and fresh insights into various career challenges, I am a huge fan of their live debates.

Twitter: @GuardianCareers

8. Interviewing.com

This is the online resource for all things interview. Articles include ‘How To Approach Applying to a interviewing.comPrevious Employer’ and ‘Throwing Curveball Interview Questions’.

I am certain you will find something on here that will benefit your job search, so give them a visit.

Twitter: @interviewingcom

9. Careerealism.com

I love, love, love this site. They offer job search advice, employment tips and access to various careers-related discussions.

Their tagline is ‘Because every job is temporary’, and I think there is something quite empowering about that.

Their writers are at the top of the careers game and the articles are fresh, current and thought-provoking. I particularly like the article ‘6 Things To Do Before Leaving Your Job’.

Twitter: @careerealism

10. Careercake.com

Last but not least, this is my careers site! Careercake.com was founded in 2010 when I was a frustrated recruitment consultant, unable to help as many jobseekers as I wanted. I started making videos offering advice based on my own experiences as a recruiter over the previous ten years. The majority of my recruitment background was within the finance and accountancy sector, which is what led to me becoming the AAT career coach (you can see one of my videos below)

Careercake.com is driven by the Earl Nightingale quote: ‘Jobs are owned by the company, you own your career’. I dedicate my time to helping you become – and remain – that driving force in your career.

Twitter: @Careercaketv

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Aimee Bateman is a corporate recruiter turned careers champion and founder of Careercake.com.

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