8 daily energising tips that don’t involve coffee

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It’s so easy to reach for a cup of coffee in the morning to jumpstart your day but it can also give you the jitters or heartburn, not to mention a calorie hit. Why not try some of these alternative pick me ups?

1. Get up earlier

We’re all guilty of hitting the snooze button once in a while – some of us commit multiple offences every morning – but getting up later can have a knock on effect, impacting your alertness for the rest of the day. It can be no coincidence that many of the world’s most successful people are always up before 6am.  Go to bed earlier and wake up earlier. Try putting your alarm clock on the other side of the room if the snooze button is too tempting.

2. Take deep breaths

When we tire, our breathing becomes shallower without us noticing, so make a conscious effort to do a few deep breathing exercises to get more oxygen to the brain. And don’t stifle your yawns (unless the boss can see you).

3. Reduce stress

A little pressure helps keep us motivated but constant stress drags us down. Look at your schedule for each day and identify potential sources of stress –  a busy commute, overlapping meetings or deadline bottlenecks. Avoid the inevitable draining effect of these events by creating a schedule that works for you.  Try scheduling lunch and your home time in the calendar so that others know that you won’t be available and to ensure you get the rest time you need.

4. Declutter

A tidy desk means a tidy mind. Clutter can be a big drain on our mental energy, so put some time aside for a good clean up. Then discipline yourself at the end of each day to tidy away everything you’ve used, so you begin with a clean space every morning.

5. Go walking

Did you know a 10 minute brisk walk can give you enough energy to power through the next couple of hours? Definitely a good reason to volunteer to do the lunchtime run. Even a good stretch and a stroll across the office can work wonders – it’s not time wasting, it’s productivity boosting.

6. Have a laugh

A quick time out to share a joke with a colleague or check out a funny Vine will help lift you out of a brain fog. Laughter provides a dose of endorphins keeping your energy levels up.

7. Get watered

Instead of reaching straight for the caffeine and glucose drinks, try increasing your intake of humble H2O. The symptoms of thirst are actually very similar to fatigue, so your body could be telling you it simply needs hydrating.

8. Eat smart

Grab some oily fish at lunch, or try chia seeds for snacking through the day . Both are high in Omega 3, a good source of brain fuel, providing a quick energy boost without resorting to high carb and calorie content. Eat little and often through the day – try four small meals rather than a heavy lunch and late dinner, to keep blood sugar at a constant level.

Kayleigh Ziolo is a freelance journalist and writer based in Ireland.

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