54 power words to persuade anyone

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Have you ever heard the phrase, “choose your words carefully”?

I guarantee you have. But, are you actually doing it?

When you want to persuade anyone to do your bidding (or agree with you) it comes down to effective communication. Or, put more simply, the words you use. If you choose your words more effectively, you will discover more people are likely to say yes to you.

So how do you improve your communication? Stop using wishy washy language and inject some of these 54 power words into your vocabulary:

  1. You (we all love to be spoken to directly)
  2. Save
  3. Free
  4. Now
  5. Because
  6. Instantly
  7. New
  8. Appreciate
  9. Increase
  10. Honest
  11. Hurry
  12. Limited
  13. Get
  14. Learn
  15. Discover
  16. Extremely
  17. Profitable
  18. Easy
  19. Quick
  20. Proven
  21. Worthwhile
  22. Imminently
  23. Uncomfortable
  24. Unreliable
  25. Deplorable
  26. Harmful
  27. Critical
  28. Accurate
  29. Certainly
  30. Guaranteed
  31. Investment
  32. Assured
  33. Empowered
  34. Improvement
  35. Amazing
  36. Tell me/us
  37. Suddenly
  38. Create
  39. Learn
  40. Discover
  41. Announcing
  42. Introducing
  43. Miracle
  44. Sensational
  45. Revolutionary
  46. Offer
  47. Wanted
  48. Compare
  49. Hurry
  50. Detriment
  51. Startling
  52. Consequently
  53. Today
  54. Ironclad

The most effective words will make your recipient feel something strongly – be it curiosity, anger, urgency, fear, safety, happy, inspired or reassured, and get them taking action.  The words above are also firm, direct and clear. There’s no mistaking their meaning – this is powerful too because clarity creates action.

Its up to you to choose the words that will empower your communication most effectively, but this list should get you started. Are there any words you believe we’ve missed? Leave them in the comments below.

Jen Smith coaches entrepreneurs in social media.

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