5 ways a professional membership can boost your career

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Whether you’ve just started working or an expert in your field, professional membership has many benefits.

Read on to see how a membership can boost your career.

1. Networking

Professional and industry associations give you access to countless potential contacts who could help you get your next job, raise your profile and provide support and advice. Spending time with like-minded people in your industry is one of the best ways to network without feeling like a fake.

2. Best practice

Staying up to date with changing standards and legislation is essential for those working in financial roles. This year has seen huge change in many areas including auto enrolment, FRS102 and UK GAAP. Staying on top of these developments is an ethical and professional responsibility that allows you to provide the best possible service to your clients. By attending workshops, masterclasses and branch events you will remain at the forefront of your industry.

3. New perspectives

Trends that influence and change the industry such as cloud computing, cybercrime and the shift away from traditional compliance work requires accountants to approach their roles from different perspectives or risk becoming extinct. Sharing of knowledge and ideas with other peers allows you to build your reputation as a thought leader as well as giving you key insights about the future.

4. Engagement with the industry

A professional membership demonstrates your commitment to and engagement with the industry you work in. It shows that you are keen and willing to be a leader in your industry in terms of professional development, best practice and quality service. Passion for and knowledge in your sector is impressive to both employers and clients.

5. Recognition of your hard work

Choosing to have an industry membership provides professional recognition for your hard work in achieving your qualification. Being a member of a professional organisation also allows you to champion your industry, set standards and participate in the growth and credibility of the profession.

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Dale Rolfe is AAT's Content Manager.

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