5 reasons why it’s great to be an accountant

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A recent report from leading financial recruiter Robert Half has found that demand outstrips supply for skilled accountancy and finance staff in the UK.

In an effort to retain valued employees, employers are offering higher compensation, more benefits and flexible working arrangements.

It’s clearly a good time to pursue a career in finance. Here are the top five reasons why.

1. You could be earning big money

A recently qualified accountant in London could expect to earn in the region of £35,000 to £50,000 – not bad at all. And that’s just the start. In the survey, Robert Half found that accounting salaries are on the rise, and predict earning potential to grow over the next five years.

2. You’ll have a great level of job security

Accountancy offers what many of us crave after years of studying: stability and a dependable career. Businesses always need people who can keep track of operations, report results and identify strategies for careful cash management. In this sense, accountancy is as close to a recession-proof industry, as you can get.

3. You’ll be in-demand

Being a qualified accountant is desirable. The number of accountancy start-ups is on the rise and the strengthening economic environment will further increase demand and salaries for accountants who have strong business acumen. Accountants can – and do – work almost anywhere, from record labels to retail banking to start-ups.

4. You’ll take on new challenges and increase your skills

Changes in legislation and technology mean that you will need to keep ahead of new rules and regulations as the economy evolves. As an expert in the field, you will need to stay up to date with best practice in order to be successful and meet new challenges as they arise. Finance and accountancy also provide an excellent foundation for a number of other career paths. You could for example move upwards and aim for Financial Director, or sideways into trading or teaching. The possibilities are endless.

5. You won’t be bored

It’s a myth that accountancy is monotonous and accountants are boring. There aren’t many careers as diverse as accountancy and every day can bring a fresh challenge. Challenger banks and crowd-funding are just two examples of the way traditional financial services are changing and with it so too are roles and responsibilities. Not only can you train in business, practice or banking, but once qualified, you can work in high level jobs all over the world.

Whatever your motivation, the first step to becoming an accountant is to get qualified. BPP is one of the leading accountancy training providers in the world and we’re experts at getting you through your exams. Find out more about our AAT courses.

Photo: Sarah Williams won AAT student of the year 2014 at the Training Provider Awards. 

Nisar Ahmed is Head of AAT Programmes at BPP.

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