10 amazing jobs you can get with an accounting qualification

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Yes of course, accounting in general is amazing.

But do you realise the range of completely awesome career paths that become open to you as someone with an accounting qualification?

Become a… fashion accountant.

Shandrae Sampson is finance coordinator at the British fashion council.

“I mainly deal with sales, invoicing sponsors and fashion companies that appear at our shows. We organise London Fashion Week and the British Fashion Awards, among other events. I issue invoices and chase them, as well as making sure our cash flow is steady.

Part of my job involves going backstage and helping make sure models turn up and designers are happy. It gets me out of the office and connects me with what the organisation is about. You see the collections before the rest of the world and meet the celebrities that come backstage.”

The possibilities are endless and here are 10 other adventures accountancy could take you on. 

1. Forensic accounting

If you’re interested in financial skulduggery and want to fight the good fight against white collar crime, you may be destined for a role in forensic accounting. Check out this first person account of life as a forensic accountant to see what could be in store.

2. Disney finance

You could work for Disney. DISNEY. Do I really need to explain how brilliant that would be? The Walt Disney Company has a range of opportunities from to help ensure the powerhouse behind our favourite childhood memories continue to delight future generations. You will also have a dedicated team of songbirds to bring you your coffee and talking animals will help with any technical issues (I’d imagine…)

3. Accounting software developer

If you’ve dabbled with computer programming, you could bring your experience together with a career in accounting software development. Knowing procedures as well as you do, you could create a revolutionary package that could improve the working lives of accountants and businesses everywhere – which is pretty awesome.

4. Premier League sports accounting

Combine your two greatest passions and become a Premier League accountant. You could work as accounting staff for a team, or maybe have a top player or two as individual clients. Transfer Deadline Day will take on a whole new dimension…

5. Education and research

You may have bypassed university, but your qualification could still lead to a life in academia. Teach and inspire a whole new generation of accounting professionals, or become a researcher and contribute to vital studies on accounting practices and trends.

6. Parliament

If you harbour political passions (or indeed ambitions), you could get a job in a government department. Who knows, you could make your way to cabinet one day – Justine Greening Conservative MP and current International Development Secretary is a former accountant.

7. Global charity finance

To be an accountant in the modern age, you need to be an international accountant. But instead of going to work for a multi-national corporation, why not put your global financial knowledge to more philanthropic use? Knowing you are helping a great global cause to make every penny go further, what could be more rewarding?

8. Awards balloter

Imagine: you’re the first person to know who has won at the Oscars, well before anyone else. Smug much? The Academy Awards to tabulate votes since 1935 in order to accurately and compliantly tally the votes on nominations, and keep the information strictly confidential.

9. Corporate Entertainment accounting

Another way to get a taste of Hollywood is to get into corporate entertainment. Many big acting stars have their own production companies that require well-qualified accounting talent. Rubbing shoulders with the stars and seeing the film production process from the inside, who said accounting isn’t glamorous?

10. Fintech accounting consulting

Does Silicon Valley or the London tech scene take your fancy? In the world of new financial technology (fintech), quality accountants are highly sought after. You could be part of an entrepreneurial in-house team, join a fintech consulting company or work as an independent consultant.

Kayleigh Ziolo is a freelance journalist and writer based in Ireland.

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