Your frequently asked questions about Q2022: Answered

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On 1 September 2022, AAT launched Qualifications 2022 (Q2022), new versions of our bookkeeping and accounting qualifications.

Here we answer your frequently asked questions about Q2022.

Q: I haven’t completed my AQ2016 qualification yet. What happens now that Q2022 has launched?

A: Nothing. You won’t lose any of the assessments you’ve already achieved. You’ve got until 30 September 2023 to complete your current AQ2016 qualifications. And even if you have not completed it by then, you can transfer to the Q2022 equivalent qualification, you’ll just need to check the AQ2016 to Q2022 Transitional Arrangements tool to see which assessments transfer, as you may have additional assessments to sit.

Q: What happens if I finish Level 2 and want to start Level 3 under Q2022? Will the results not transfer and will I have to take the synoptic again?

A: Once you’ve finished your qualification on AQ2016, it won’t transfer over to Q2022, but that’s because it doesn’t need to – because you’ve completed it in its own right on AQ2016. You will then just go ahead and start fresh – you’ll register for Q2022 at Level 3 and you’ll start your student journey from there and go through that qualification. You won’t need to do anything again in relation to Level 2.

Q: Will there be synoptic assessments for Q2022?

A: Synoptic assessments are currently in AQ2016 across Levels 2, 3 and 4. For Q2022, there is only one synoptic assessment at Level 2 – the business environment synoptic.

Q: What happens if I only have one synoptic assessment to complete?

A: You have until 30 September 2023 to complete your AQ2016 synoptic assessments. However, there are specific synoptic windows, and you cannot sit synoptic assessments outside these windows. Check your MyAAT account for the synoptic assessment window calendar to ensure you can complete your synoptic assessment before the deadline. If you don’t, you’ll need to transfer over to Q2022 and complete one outstanding module. For Level 3, this will be Business Awareness, and for Level 4, this will be Internal Accounting Controls and Systems.

Q: What are the benefits of changing to Q2022, besides not having to do the synoptic?

A: AQ2016 is a massively valued qualification – employers love it, we know that it meets the market demands, and it’s still fit for purpose and will continue to be fit for purpose as the years go on. We have to review and update our qualifications periodically, generally around every four years. When we do this, we liaise with employers and experts in the field, and we consider what the future of the industry is going to look like – so we have to make some amendments to our qualifications accordingly. Some additional learning areas around sustainability and technology have been brought into the Q2022 qualifications, as these are relevant to all industries, not just accountancy.

Q: Will the bookkeeping qualifications be graded in Q2022?

A: Yes, the bookkeeping qualifications will be graded under Q2022.

Q: I’m currently studying Level 4 and have completed all the modules except for the optional units. Can I transfer to Q2022?

A: Yes, you can – and what’s even better is all the assessments on the current qualification will transfer to the Q2022 equivalent, so you’ll only have to complete the outstanding optional units.

Q: If I’ve completed Management Accounting: Budgeting and Decision and Control for the current Professional Diploma in Accounting, will my grade be capped at 70%?

A: Yes, it will. With this in mind, you may wish to complete your studies on your current AQ2016 qualification if your grade is particularly important to you.

Q: If I have completed Management Accounting: Budgeting, but not Decision and Control, or vice versa, will it transfer over to Q2022?

A: No, this would not transfer over. You would need to complete both Management Accounting: Budgeting, as well as Decision and Control for this to transfer over to Applied Management Accounting under Q2022. Refer to the AQ2016-Q2022 Transitional Arrangements document at for full details about which assessments will transfer.

Q: Will there be an Accounting Software qualification under Q2022?

A: No, the Access (Level 1) and Foundation (Level 2) Accounting Software qualifications are not being provided under Qualifications 2022. Additionally, the Foundation Diploma in Accounting and Business is also being withdrawn.

Q: When will the books be available for Q2022?

A: They are already available. You can purchase the books online or contact your training provider (if you have one) regarding books for Q2022.

Q: How will student membership to AAT work with Q2022?

A: We’ve removed the annual student membership fee for students starting their studies under Q2022. Instead, students will pay a one-off registration fee for the qualification, which will provide access to the purchased qualification for its lifetime (typically four to five years), access to all AAT’s study support resources, and the ability to be scheduled for your assessments. Assessment fees will be extra. If you’re thinking about transferring from your current AQ2016 qualification to the Q2022 equivalent, you might be eligible to pay the one-off transfer fee, instead of the one-off registration fee. To be eligible, you need to have an active student membership and have achieved at least one assessment on the qualification you are transferring from.

Q: Has anything changed regarding booking an assessment for Q2022?

A: No, the process for booking an assessment has not changed.

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