The future of learning: AAT subscriptions

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Eagle has delivered AAT courses for over 15 years and has built a strong reputation with its students. It offers high quality, value for money courses, with its learners at the centre of everything it does.

Eagle has now gone one step further, with an innovative subscription model for its courses. Just like subscribing to a streaming service.

Can you subscribe to an AAT/ACCA course?

Yes. You can now subscribe to every AAT/ACCA course with Eagle. There are subscription models to help you to consume food, media and film. So why not have the same for accountancy training?

Eagle is giving you access to all three levels of AAT and ACCA courses. Financially, it means you won’t need to pay out a lump sum for the course and you will no longer be tied to a 12-month contract. You are also able to cancel at any point.

How much is this new subscription service?

Eagle understands that not everyone can afford such costly course fees and that life can be complex at times. Eagle’s new subscription model is only £45 per month. Not only that, Eagle has discounts available for longer subscription periods. It’s fully flexible. You can choose to cancel any time, with no risk at all and no cancellation fees.

How does this way of learning support a good work-life balance?

You can start and stop whenever you want, without any pressure. You have full access to the content and support, for however long you want. Commitments and priorities can change over time. Eagle aims to make life easier for students with this new model.

How are the courses accessed?

The courses are entirely online/ distance learning-based, so can be studied anytime, anywhere. The courses are fully flexible and can, therefore, fit around other life commitments.

Is there a trial available?

Yes. Eagle offers a one-week free trial to try all of the content that is available. If you like the way it works, you can then subscribe to the service. Currently, no other AAT or ACCA provider can offer this level of flexibility.

What support would you get from Eagle?

You will be assigned a mentor to guide you through your studies. Eagle also has a tutor support team for answering queries. After signing up, you will have a phone induction with your mentor to go over the course and set flexible targets.

Any other new changes?

Eagle will look into launching the service for other qualifications throughout 2020. Eagle always seeks to offer the best value for money without compromising quality. The new subscription model shows that students’ well-being is its main focus.

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Eagle provides distance learning training courses.

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