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If you want to gain an AAT qualification but are worried about how to balance your studies with work and family commitments, studying online with Training Link is the right option.

Training Link is a specialist Accounting & Bookkeeping distance learning provider.

It’s all we do.

And this means we have a laser-like focus on this subject and we relentlessly seek out ways to improve what we can offer you.

That’s why we’ve won over 20 awards for academic excellence. It’s why our pass rates smash the AAT worldwide averages. And it’s why we’ve helped thousands of people change their careers.

Study at your own pace – whenever and wherever you want

The key benefit of studying AAT with Training Link is that you are in charge.

If you want to fast-track your studies – you can. If you want to take your time – that’s OK too.

It’s ideal if you’re balancing a full-time job or a busy family life. The flexibility means you don’t even need to stick to the same schedule week in and week out (perfect if you don’t have a fixed working pattern).

Everything you REALLY need to succeed is included

We want to help you kick-start your Accounting career. And our course packages are designed to help you do exactly that.

We don’t include unnecessary ‘free’ gadgets or shiny new technology. We only include things in our course package that are designed to teach you Accounting and get you through the exams.

Included in Training Link’s AAT courses

Training Link’s printed AAT study manuals contains: lessons, examples, activities and assessments
Videos – on-demand tutorials and explainers
Online resources to help fast-track your studies
Award-winning Tutor support by e-mail and phone
Exam preparation including our own mock exams
Student services department – 7-days a week
Talk with tutors and students on Student Street

The study manuals are our own. Our tutors continually create extra study resources. Our online systems were designed specifically to deliver accounting qualifications. And we have enough tutors to make sure you don’t wait long for a reply.

In short, we include everything you really need for successful AAT studies.

No gimmicks. Just Exceptional AAT pass rates

You may be tempted to compare providers on the basis of ‘what’s included.’ But as features get piled high it can quickly distract from the one vital question that you should ask any distance learning provider…

“What are your pass rates?”

This question trumps any argument about features, freebies, and gadgets. Because the answer is about results – the ultimate evidence of real people, achieving qualifications and boosting their careers. And isn’t that what you’re looking to do?

To add extra context, you should also ask: “How many assessments were taken?”

After all, what good would a 100% pass rate be if only a single student had taken an assessment?

Here are the most recently published Training Link pass rates and our assessment numbers.

Course LevelWorldwide AverageTraining Link+/- worldwide averageAssessment Numbers
AAT Level 2 Accounting81.3%93.2%⬆️ +14.6%1231
AAT Level 3 Accounting73.8%92.3%⬆️ +25%744
AAT Level 4 Accounting65.2%91%⬆️ +39.5%167

The pass rates shown are for all AQ2016 assessments completed between 1 July 2021 and 30 June 2022.

The most vital element of a Training Link AAT course

This is the most vital part of any AAT distance learning course package… but it’s not deemed exciting so providers rarely talk about it.

These days, we’re all drowning in content. Podcasts, apps, videos, live streaming. But while it can be tempting to talk about the flashier parts of a course, I want to focus on one basic but utterly essential element.

But first, I have a question…

What if I said that we’d created a study resource relied upon by thousands of successful AAT students?

You can use it anywhere. You don’t need an Internet connection. And it makes zero difference whether you’re running Windows or Mac OS, or use Android or iPhone. And best yet, it leads to pass rates much higher than AAT’s worldwide average.

Do you know what it is?

Our study manuals.

Simple. Basic. And far more essential to successful studies than any shiny new piece of technology.

You’ll spend the majority of your studies working through our study manuals. Perhaps reading them at the kitchen table on a morning before you go to work, or scribbling notes in the margins after dinner.

A top-quality study manual remains the essential ingredient of a distance learning course. But not every distance learning provider writes their own study manuals.

In fact, it’s perfectly possible to buy or licence individual elements from a multitude of different suppliers and package that together as a ‘course’.

But that’s not what we do.

All of our study materials are produced by us. And we can sum up our reasoning in one word…


We have total control over all of our study materials and this means we can change them, tweak them, and improve them. Every time we get an exam result, we try to work out which area seemed to cause difficulty for a student. We look again at the material- does the topic need extra examples, videos, or additional tests – or does the study manual itself need to be revised?

Because everything can be improved. It would be extreme hubris to say otherwise.

But if you don’t create your own study materials, then all you can do is tinker at the very edges of the study experience. And for us, that just won’t do.

Crafted by award-winning educational writers

Each element of a Training Link AAT course is carefully crafted by our team of award-winning educational writers and tutors.

The most important element of our course pack is our study manuals (which you will not find anywhere else). And the writing process is a rigorous one.

The writing and proofing go through several cycles until our Head of Education is, finally, satisfied. And that’s a tough ask (woe betide anyone unfortunate enough to use the word ‘fine’ in his presence, if something is ‘fine’ then it’s simply not good enough).

It’s the same process for all of our materials. For the extra tests, the additional resources, and our suite of videos. And they all work together to deliver a cohesive study experience.

This is why our pass rates smash the AAT worldwide average for each level.

Road-tested on the new syllabus

The new AAT syllabus was released in August 2022.

But back in February 2022, Training Link was one of only two distance learning providers to help AAT trial this overhauled syllabus with students. This regular feedback over the following months was invaluable in helping us to improve our material before the wider launch.

And so our study material has been used by students for a longer period of time than most other distance learning providers. It’s been thoroughly road-tested by actual students, and we poured over the results of each assessment, each mock exam, and each AAT exam to identify ways to further improve it.

Our students are supported by full-time AAT tutors

Our tutors are tasked with quite a lot.

The first priority is always you, the student. To answer student emails speedily and accurately.

That could be answering a student’s question, providing assessment feedback, or even offering sympathetic and constructive advice to help you maintain your motivation.

When they’re not busy directly working with students, they’re busy writing study manuals, creating videos, and writing mock exams.

That’s a lot of work. And that’s why there are no part-time tutors at Training Link.

This hard work has been recognised with four of our tutors winning ‘Tutor of the Year’, and an Editor’s Special Award for Michele Baker at last year’s PQ Awards.

Ready to get started?

You can enrol on our website right now.

Throughout January there are special offers available on all AAT Accounting and Bookkeeping courses. And with monthly payment plans available as well, it’s never been more affordable to study with Training Link.

Testimonial quotes

“It was nice to know that there was someone there who could answer my questions. And I always felt like the tutors came back quite quickly and gave clear and useful answers.” – Hannah Greyson-Gaito studied levels 2, 3, and 4 with Training Link and earned Distinctions at each level

“Without having to attend classes I had a more flexible program and this enabled me to study and work at the same time.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Training Link and my tutors Michele and Jennifer who played a big part on my successful AAT journey!” – George Tampakas studied with Training Link and passed AAT levels 2, 3 and 4 in just 11 months

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This content is brought to you by Training Link

Training Link is a specialist bookkeeping and accounting online learning organisation. .

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