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Whether you’re currently studying with AAT or a professional member, you’ll understand the importance of continuously updating your knowledge to have a more fulfilling career.

Being a lifelong learner is a mindset held by people who are ambitious and know that having this attitude will lead to more opportunities opening up in front of them.

What is a lifelong learner?

A lifelong learner is someone who is never stagnant when it comes to self-development and growing their skillset. They are always looking for the next subject to improve their knowledge in, and they prioritise their continued professional development (CPD).

A lifelong learner knows that weaknesses don’t need to be seen as a negative – they are something you know you could be better at and, once recognised, are an area you’ve identified that you can work on. Often they are seen as experts in their roles and enjoy supporting others by passing on their wisdom, which in turn helps to solidify their own learning.

7 characteristics of a lifelong learner

1. Curious

They will ask questions and be open-minded.

2. Committed

They will choose action over distraction and often prioritise education over entertainment.

3. Interesting

They are well-informed, have more to talk about and are up to date with the latest trends and developments in their field.

4. Fulfilled

They will be a more competitive business owner or desirable candidate for new jobs and promotions and more engaged at work, bringing increased job satisfaction.

5. Inspirational

Ideas will come more easily to the lifelong learner.

6. An expert

They will be known as a ‘go-to’ person.

7. Confident

The added opportunities learning opens up for them will bring a positive mindset and increased self-esteem.

6 habits you can implement to become a lifelong learner

  1. Set goals.
  2. Create a learning timetable.
  3. Take care of your mental health for a positive mindset.
  4. Teach others to actively reinforce your learning.
  5. Know how you like to learn. You can learn in unexpected ways and do things that other people in your industry aren’t typically doing to make you stand out and put you a step ahead.
  6. Have one place to keep all your notes, plans and resources.

The AAT Lifelong Learning Portal

The AAT Lifelong Learning Portal is available to all students and professional members and is an ideal hub that you can use for all your learning.

You will find all of these AAT resources in one place to help with your studies or if you need a refresher:

  • Videos
  • Practice assessments
  • Real-life scenario e-learning
  • Green Light tests
  • AAT Learning Pods (podcasts)

They are organised by unit, level and type, and you’ll find lots of useful resources in there, no matter your learning style. Not only that, but you can bring in any of your own resources like blogs you love, links to YouTube videos or materials from your training provider to create your own personalised library. And you can add personal review notes for each resource, so you don’t have to go between websites or try to remember which ones worked best for you.

There’s an advanced keyword search tool so that it’s easy to find the resource you’re after in the portal. Watch the video: How to search for resources in the portal. 

Or you can choose the unit you’re currently working on and see all the resources available to you to try out. Watch the video: How to access your support resources.

You also use the portal to plan and organise your learning time by adding due dates to resources which will rearrange the order in which they appear in your dashboard. Watch the video: How to add a due date.

The AAT Lifelong Learning portal will allow you to do all of this to manage your learning effectively: 

  • Access your AAT study support resources
  • View your current learning activity
  • View your previous learning activity
  • Add review notes to resources, so you know which were useful to you
  • Add reminder dates to resources so that you don’t overlook them
  • View recommendations on topics that may interest you
  • Bring in resources from other locations, such as from your training provider or favourite blogger, to help you with your learning.

Start exploring all the ways you can use The AAT Lifelong Learning Portal now.

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Hannah Dolan is AAT Comment’s Content Editor.

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