Can I study AAT at home?

AAT offers internationally recognised accountancy qualifications that are excellent for those who want to start accounting from the ground up, change careers into accounting or have some previous experience working in finance.

There are three levels of the AAT qualifications which you can choose to do depending on your previous education and experience and there are lots of different options for ways you can study. 

Options for studying AAT

AAT qualifications are delivered by hundreds of different AAT Approved training providers all over the UK and the world. Students can choose to study part-time or full-time, and they can complete their qualifications while also working full or part-time.

There is also the flexibility to learn in a classroom, online (from home, the office or wherever you want to learn) or through a blended approach which is a mixture of online and classroom-based lessons.

Some training providers like Kaplan also offer an option to study live online, where you can get the structure of a traditional classroom but with the flexibility of studying from home. You can join timetabled live lectures online and talk to tutors during the class for live feedback. This is good for those wanting to replicate the classroom experience at home. And all the lectures are recorded, so if you miss one, you can catch up or re-watch classes for extra revision.

Can I self-study AAT?

You can self-study AAT, and you’ll need to choose a self-study package through one of our training providers. You’ll need to buy AAT textbooks, work through the units, and register with AAT, giving you access to study support on our AAT Lifelong Learning Portal and eligibility to sit assessments.

Taking exams at home

Not only can you study your courses from home but, due to distancing rules, there are now options for students to take some exams remotely too with remote invigilation. This is where assessments are supervised online, letting students take their assessments at home or another secure location of their choice, such as their workplace. Assessments can be taken at any time, and most are available for scheduling every day, allowing real flexibility when completing your AAT qualifications.

8 top tips for successful studying from home

1. Create a realistic study plan and stick to it

Make a plan and put your study times in when they are most likely to happen and in realistic and non-intimidating chunks of time. Consistency is key.

2. Get yourself into a good studying routine

Tag your studying on to something else that you do so you know that it always comes after that activity. Maybe you get home from work, make a snack and then get to it or get up early, brush your teeth and then do it for an hour before breakfast. Give yourself a mini treat every time you complete a session.

3. Create a dedicated study station for yourself

Make your study area as appealing and comfortable as possible to work in. If you are using a living area to study, pack all your stuff away at the end of your study session to give yourself a proper break.

4. Know how you learn best

Are you a visual or verbal learner? How do you revise best? Do you like to work socially or in solitary? Play to your strengths.

5. Turn off all distractions

Try to avoid multi-tasking – focus on one thing at a time and remove your phone from your study area if you can.

6. Take regular breaks

Try using a technique like Pomodoro to focus your attention and make sure you take regular breaks. Set a timer for 25 minutes and study for that time, then take a five-minute break and repeat. After four 25 minute blocks, take a longer break.

7. Eat well, sleep well, exercise

Use your downtime wisely in between your studies. Make sure you still have some time socialising with friends and prioritise your health and wellbeing to help reduce stress and anxiety and increase concentration.

8. Use the AAT tools available (below) to support your studies…

Tools to support your AAT studies from home

  • AAT Comment and AAT Weekly student newsletter

For reading and keeping up to date with expert articles, industry news, study tips, career advice and finance updates.

  • AAT Discussion Forums

Ask for help, talk about a topic and find a study buddy. You can also go on AAT Facebook groups – YourAAT and AATPros.

  • MyAAT

Webinars, bespoke resources, practice assessments, Green Light tests, skills checklists.

In summary

There is enormous flexibility when it comes to choosing how you study AAT, and you may even be able to do your exams from home. And if you’re after a job that’s based from home or location independent, AAT can help set you up for a career working flexibly as a bookkeeper or self-employed accountant.

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