AAT’s Lifelong learning portal: the interactive resource to help you get ahead

AAT’s Lifelong Learning Portal is home to a multitude of study support resources for students to use to supplement the material they are supplied by their training providers. It is free to access for all AAT student members.

The Lifelong Learning Portal offers an interactive learning experience, where you can manage key resources, schedule learning to suit your personal study plans, and track and evaluate your learning progress.

What resources are available in the portal?

Some of the study support resources available include practice assessments, and AAT qualification outlines and specifications, as well as the following:

E-learning modules

Drill down into some key topic areas, with a blend of easy-to-understand facts, interactions, and questions. The real-life scenarios contained in the e-learning modules will help bring together elements of what you’ve learned in each unit and tackle problems in an imagined workplace.


The study support videos are a fantastic way to review a key skill in 5 minutes or less. The videos are presented for AAT students, by AAT students – featuring students speaking in their own words about particular topics or areas of study, using helpful animations to illustrate key learning points.


The podcasts feature interviews with experts in various fields, delving deeper into key areas that students have historically struggled with. Other topics discussed include study and revision skills, writing skills, dealing with exam pressure and exam management techniques.

Green Light tests

These question sets cover key areas within each unit. A traffic light system is used to highlight which areas in a unit you need to put more work into – scoring you red, amber or green based on your performance.

How do I use the portal?

  • When you log on for the first time, you will see a series of welcome videos that will help you navigate the portal. These are great to help you get started.
  • The dashboard will vary by student, depending on what you are studying. So you will see streams of content that are relevant to your studies.
  • You will see your recent activity on the dashboard the next time you log in to the portal, so you can easily pick up where you left off.
  • You can create a study plan and add particular activities to your plan.
  • You can also add due dates so you don’t overlook your activities. The portal will reorder the activities automatically for you to help with your study planning.
  • Another great feature is the ability to search for a keyword or phrase across all of the resources in the portal, so you can easily find help with a particular topic, for example, “ethics”.
  • To help with your studies, you can create a goal, for example, to improve your writing or communication skills. Then you can add a series of activities that will help you achieve your goal, for example, read an article or listen to a podcast.
  • You can also pull in articles from different online resources and add links so you can access these easily. Once you have achieved your goal, archive it so you have space to add new ones.

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