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Going the distance with distance learning.

Studying can be stressful. Having to juggle family, work and social commitments plus trying to study, can be tricky. However, by studying through distance learning, these issues can be managed and you can work your studies around YOU and YOUR life.

Still have a few unanswered questions about distance learning? We’ve  teamed up with Premier Training to provide three videos packed full of top tips to help you out. Whether it be time management, how to create a revision schedule that works for you, or even how you’d go about making the jump from foundation to advanced, we have it covered. 

In each of the three videos Sam Hannigan will be devoting time to specific topics, namely the foundations of distance learning, how to gain your professional membership, as well as how to step up and advance your studies. Sam Hannigan is the Programme Manager at Premier Training and is a qualified teacher with over 15 years experience of teaching the AAT.

Below are some of the topics that will be covered in each video.

The foundation of distance learning (20 minutes)

    • Time management – hints and tips on how to plan your time in order to achieve the most out of your study session.
    • Bite size chunks – how much studying can be too much or too little.
    • Remember you are not alone – what support is available for you while you study via distance learning.

Gaining your professional membership (20 minutes)

    • Prior knowledge – the leap from the foundation level to the advanced level can be overwhelming at times. So what can you do to ensure you stay confident and achieve your desired goal?
    • Planning – what are you going to study? When are you going to study? Where are you going to study?
    • Support – using the support networks available is crucial. So, what is available for you to use?

Advancing your studies (20 minutes)

    • Stay focused – as the qualification gets harder now is the time to focus on the reasons for taking the qualification.
    • Fail to prepare – prepare to fail.
    • Use your experience and prior knowledge to help you succeed.

Next Up: From adversity to award winner: AAT Distance Learner of the Year 2018

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