10 Essential articles for your AAT revision

AAT exams and synoptic assessments can take place at various times throughout the year, so revision can become a 24/7 task! Make the most of your time with our advice from the experts.

1 Study hacks to help you slay your final assessment

Read up on how to plan out your revision, what to focus your studies on, when to revise, and what to do in the actual assessment.

2 The trick with synoptics is…

Our expert takes a look at the synoptic exam, including what to expect, how to approach it, and common mistakes students make.

3 The key to success in synoptics

We hear from a recent AAT graduate on how to succeed at your synoptic exams, including advice on how to deal with time pressure, and how her job helped whilst studying.

4 How to overcome exam anxiety and succeed

Find out how to control exam nerves and turn things around from AAT graduate Charlie Atkins.

5 Coping with stress when studying for your AAT qualifications

Anxiety, stress and nerves are all to be expected in the lead up to exams, but they don’t have to derail your revision. We spoke to some experts on stress management to get the latest mental strategies.

6 Top tips for studying accountancy

We hear from AAT graduate Amanda Ward on the study techniques she found most effective when revising for her AAT assessments.

Take a Green Light Test

Do a quick test of your knowledge now with a green light test from AAT. We’ve pulled out the tests for each level of the AAT Accounting Qualification below, but if you’re doing a different qualification, just follow the link to study support and navigate to the relevant qualification.

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7 The one thing that can help you manage exam stress

When nerves do start to take hold, or you start feeling a bit dejected, turn things around in 17 seconds with this quick tip from psyhcologist Robert Zajonc.

8 Speed reading: Revise like a pro

Don’t let reading slow you down – learn how to become super efficient with some speed reading techniques.

9 Facing your first exam: Everything you need to know

Get pumped for your first exam with our tips on maintaining motivation, preparing for the exam, and what to do with your results.

10 Study tips: the best way to work through an assessment

And when exam day arrives, there are some key things to remember about your assessment. Hear the top tips from an AAT tutor, and student.

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