Engage: Why you should join AAT’s feedback loop

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Our members are the reason AAT exists, but we want more of you to engage with us.

As a membership organisation, it is obvious to most that our members are the lifeblood of AAT. Communicating with members is something that AAT does through a plethora of channels, from the blog and magazine to the Informi website for small businesses, a range of e-newsletters, and social media channels. However, it is important that engagement is not one way, and that is an area where you can really help.

Keeping on top of change

Giving us your views helps to ensure regulatory requirements are being met, informs lobbying activity, and helps develop educational provision, as well as the provision of relevant help and advice (in relation to insurance, cybersecurity, anti-money laundering, tax and so on).

In times of challenge, such as the financial crisis or the coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak, two-way engagement also ensures members can keep on top of rapidly changing situations and challenges – both for themselves and their clients or employers – while AAT is able to react promptly and positively to the experiences of those at the coalface. 

Informing the work of others

However, it is not just AAT and our members that engagement helps – it is a wide variety of external organisations too. For instance, AAT has a list of more than 100 members who are called upon to help inform the work of HMRC, Companies House, the Office of Tax Simplification, and others – so that they can get a good idea as to what AAT members think and do.

Volunteer to support our policy work

These volunteers can get involved as little or as much as they like, in undertaking online surveys, attending focus groups, and occasionally discussing issues on the telephone.

The commitment is far from onerous, but volunteers take heart from the fact they are making a real contribution, and a real difference, to how policy is formed – a policy that will likely impact the accountancy profession and the wider business community as a whole. You can join these volunteers simply by emailing your name and membership number to [email protected]

Additional ways you can get involved

There are lots of other ways you can support AAT and get involved. You could volunteer for your local branch committee to help run events in your area, or become an AAT case study to share your story. Or if you have less time but still want to get involved, you can take surveys and share your views on AAT Green Room, or simply get involved with the discussion on AAT’s social media channels or the AAT Discussion forums. Any contribution will help us to improve what we do and make AAT an even stronger community.

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Phil Hall is AAT's Head of Public Affairs and Public Policy.

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