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Moving into a management role is more than just a title change. We’ve put together a ‘how to’ guide so you can hit the ground running and keep improving.

Our free eBook, which you can download at the bottom of this article, will support you in your transition from employee to manager, and lead you on towards becoming a strong leader within your organisation.

How do I go from employee to manager?

Moving from an employee role to a management role involves a real shift in mindset. Your focus has to expand outwards now and include the team that you’ll be managing. Navigate this change confidently by checking out our guide.

What are the top traits of effective managers?

When you’ve settled into your managerial role, and feel like you can take things a step further, it’s time to dive into the next section of the eBook. Here, we explore the wider responsibilities of the role and the bigger picture.

How do I develop leadership goals?

As you progress with your career development, there will come a time when you feel ready to look to the future. You’re secure in your managerial role now, but where is it leading?

We take a more long-term view of things now. We’ve spoken with three accountants on their personal and career goals to see how they’ve structured their career path, and what we can learn from them.

Setting SMART targets and goals may set your eyes rolling with memories of secondary school, but it’s been shown to be an effective tool. Give it a try and see how you get on.

How do I managing culture and lead change?

With your plans for the future in place, it’s time to start steering things within your business.

Maybe the culture isn’t what you’d like it to be, or you can see some improvements to be made in the general attitude to work. You’ve seen things from an employee level, a new manager level, and now you’re established in your position. You have a unique insight to offer, and a voice; it’s time to speak up.

In this section of our eBook, we met with Stuart Hurst and discussed how he brought cloud technology into an initially reluctant firm. Learn from his experience to bring about the change you want to see.

Download our free eBook now; The new manager’s guide to leadership

In summary

Congratulations on your promotion to manager, and we hope our eBook helps you to succeed!

Be sure to click through to the related resources in the PDF, which will link you to further articles on AAT Comment. And if you do find our eBook useful, please share it with anyone else it might help.

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Shauna Herron is AAT Comment’s Deputy Content Editor.

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