Complete your qualification before it’s too late

In 1 September 2022, we launched our new qualifications suite, Q2022. As a result, we’ll withdraw the AQ2016 qualifications on 30 September 2023.  

You have until midnight (UK time) on 30 September 2023 to complete your outstanding assessments and achieve your AQ2016 qualification. Any completed AQ2016 qualifications will not be affected.  

Last assessment date: Although the last assessment date for AQ2016 bookkeeping and accounting qualifications is 30 September 2023, the Level 3 and Level 4 synoptic assessments are no longer available. The Level 2 synoptic remains available until 30 September 2023.

How to complete

1. Check your student membership status

Log into your MyAAT account to check that your student membership is active. If your student membership has lapsed or ended, you must reinstate or re-purchase your qualification before 14.00 (UK time) on Friday 29 September 2023 to resume your AQ2016 studies.

Check your progress

2. Schedule outstanding assessments

Check ourassessment venue listto see which venues still support AQ2016 assessments.  Contact them directly to book any outstanding assessments using the details listed in the Find an assessment venue service.  


3. Need more time?

You can transfer your current qualification onto the equivalent Q2022 qualification. Most assessments achieved on the AQ2016 qualifications will automatically transfer over to Q2022; however, there are some expectations. If you started your studies before 1 September 2016, this might impact your transitional arrangements.  

Use our transitional tool to help you understand the transfer arrangements for your completed AQ2016 assessments.  

Transitional tool