Top five AAT tax avoidance posts

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From Harry Redknapp and Jimmy Carr to Starbucks and Amazon, tax avoidance has been a mainstay in the news agenda all year. Steven Perryman collates the top five AAT Comment posts on the subject from the past year

1. When tax bites back
Ever wondered ‘what is tax?’ Many celebrities have. Steven Perryman charted some of the most famous celebrity tax cases in this post from June

2. Taxing times for General Anti-Abuse Rule
The General Anti-Abuse Rule offers a valuable ethical, legal and professional framework on tax evasion and avoidance. But will it help accountants satisfy the all-important court of public opinion? The jury’s out, argued AAT Head of Conduct and Compliance Tania Hayes, in this post in September

3. UK taxes in the dock
Nobody likes paying tax. But some taxes are more hated than others. We asked three AAT members in November to identify the UK taxes they dislike the most – and the reasons why

4. Mitt Romney and the ethics of tax avoidance
Tax has barely been off of the front pages recently with a spate of avoidance stories involving high profile brands and celebrities. But, as Steven Perryman argued in November, it was an ethical issue that threatened to derail the prospects of US Presidential candidate Mitt Romney too

5. How brands get away with paying low tax
Big brands like Starbucks and Facebook are going to continue to get away with paying low taxes for as long as consumers remain complacent, argued Matt Packer in this November post

Steven Perryman is AAT Comment's former Content Editor.

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