Choosing an accountant or tax adviser

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At the time of the transfer of HMRC’s webpages to the GOV.UK website, the page advising taxpayers on how to “Get help with tax” was lost.

This meant that taxpayers looking for an accountant or tax adviser were no longer being referred to AAT or the other professional accountancy and taxation bodies.

Government Digital Services (GDS), the custodians of the GOV.UK site, informed AAT that as the new site was required to be non-partisan it was necessary to:

  • remove any reference to specific professional bodies; and
  • to only permit a single link to a stand-alone document called “Choosing an accountant or tax adviser” which would be hosted on an external site.

After sustained pressure from AAT, its fellow representative bodies and supported by HMRC, GDS is now signposting taxpayers to a fresh choosing an accountant or tax adviser webpage. This is hosted on the Consultative Committee of Accountancy Bodies (CCAB) website.


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