Government guidance for a no-deal Brexit – updated

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The Government boosted its guidance for a no-deal Brexit in the second edition of its Partnership Pack, aimed at helping trade bodies and agents – such as accountants – to advise businesses on the changes they should expect.

The pack is a wide-ranging set of resources, from useful initial ‘primers’ to niche technical guidance. With the increasing possibility that no deal will be reached, we recommend AAT accountants and bookkeepers some of the documents so they are ready to advise their clients.

The full pack can be viewed here.

Highlights to help you

For an overview of border changes, including customs, excise, VAT and regulatory changes, review

Many businesses will find themselves importing and exporting for the first time.

For a primer on importing, go here:

For more on exporting, go here:


August 2018

The Government has published a set of contingency guidance notes in case Brexit results in the UK leaving the EU without a deal.

The guidance covers a wide range of topics, from the stockpiling of medicines, to border controls for goods.

AAT will be publishing links to documents with specific relevance to the accountancy profession. We will also be adding commentary where necessary.

Relevant documents:

The full list of documents can be accessed here:



David Nunn is Content Manager at AAT.

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