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Automatic enrolment: Do you know where to go for information and tools to help your clients?

The business adviser section on The Pensions Regulator’s website is packed with information and tools to help you help your clients meet their legal duties. Since launching the new simplified step-by-step guide for employers, all of the more technical content is now housed in the business adviser area, so all our tools and information can now be accessed in one place.

Click here to read the new guide and find out what you need to do, and by when.

Automatic enrolment: Do you know what employers need to tell their staff?

Employers need to write to their staff whether or not they meet the criteria for being put into a pension scheme – The Pensions Regulator has template letters available on their website to help. There’s a template for those who are being automatically enrolled, one for those who aren’t, and one to use if postponement is being applied to some or all staff. Your clients’ pension provider may offer to write to staff as part of their service, but if they don’t, and you are helping your clients with this task, you can download the templates here.

Automatic enrolment: Are any of your clients staging in January?

The roll-out of automatic enrolment continues, with the first large wave of small employers reaching their staging date in the New Year. If you have any clients whose staging date is in January, it makes sense to finish preparations before the Christmas break. Don’t let them stick their head in the sand if you think they’ve gone wrong or they haven’t started yet. The Pensions Regulator has a step by step guide for employers to help them get on track.

To view the step by step guide, go to

Top three automatic enrolment questions from employers

The Pensions Regulator has a ‘frequently asked questions’ webpage. In November, the top subjects the regulator was asked about were:

– What are my automatic enrolment duties?
– I’m not an employer, what should I do?
– How do I fill in my declaration of compliance?

Go to the FAQ page on The Pensions Regulator’s website for answers to these and other commonly asked questions.

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