HMRC seeks evidence of poor practice by unregulated agents

The head of customer compliance at HMRC appealed to AAT members to share their insights into professional practice in an effort to raise standards. 

Speaking at the AAT Annual Conference, Penny Ciniewicz asked AAT members to share opinions and evidence of standards in unlicensed parts of the profession.

‘We don’t want to see tax avoidance, the public doesn’t want to see tax avoidance. So it’s important that the right standards are in place across the profession. We are therefore interested in feedback from AAT members,’ she told AAT Comment.

‘[Do] you see poor practice in other parts of the market?  How does this impact on you?  On consumers?  And on compliance? ‘

The appeal to share feedback was just one way Ciniewicz wanted to work in partnership with AAT – ‘It’s really important we address our shared challenges together’, Ciniewicz said.

Help fix IR35

HMRC is also asking for assistance to improve IR35. ‘There is evidence that this legislation is not working effectively, and non-compliance is widespread.

‘The consultation is open and will run until 10 August. I would really welcome it if you would take the time to read it and respond with your views,’ Ciniewicz told delegates.

Encourage take up of digital services

Ciniewicz also appealed to AAT members to help HMRC by encouraging take up of digital services.

‘We encourage agents to engage with the digital services we provide. If they register, it’s a really important opportunity to see how the service develops. We are seeking input from organisations like AAT for the design and development of our digital services.

Around 6,000 agents have signed up for the service so far, while 15 million individuals have taken up Personal Tax Accounts, and 3 million businesses are using Business Tax Accounts.

HMRC seeks your feedback to raise standards

HMRC wants feeback from AAT members about poor practice by unregulated agents. AAT members can share experiences by clicking the button below:

Give HMRC your feedback

David Nunn is Content Manager at AAT.

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